Sick and tired.

I mean that in the literal sense.

Last week was just exhausting.  All the ants, and the cleaning, and the ants

There is an interesting phenomenon that occurs with me.  It is this:  whenever I experience a cleaning frenzy, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be sick within the next two days. 

And I am sick.  I had the frenzy, brought on by the ants, which incidentally, are all but gone.  (And now would be the perfect time to proclaim a certain someone’s brilliance.  Soliloquy, you are b*r*i*l*l*i*a*n*t.  Soliloquy, of course, being the one that forced me to write that.  ((Woopsies, did I say that out loud?))  Of course what I meant to say was, Soliloquy being the one that suggested the Terro.  Which is da bomb. 

(why do I feel like an idiot saying “da bomb”?) 

Stick with me here. 

I haven’t yet been able to tell whether the cleaning frenzy brings on the cold, or whether my subconscious knows the cold is coming and forces me to whirl around my house like a tornado until I fall over in exhaustion and my body succombs to whatever dirty little virus the children bring home.  Either way, I am doomed. 

So I began the succombing part on Friday.  Saturday was worse.  And on Saturday, there was a pool party for the boy’s baseball team.  I told The Man to go, and leave me with the other three.  I could manage.  I’m not sure what I was thinking.  And then he left. 

Now, you must realize I am only slightly dramatic, and I never exaggerate.  Ever.  In the midst of my virus-induced angst, I said something like “I don’t know how he expects me to survive while he’s gone.”  And I wasn’t really kidding, either.  Which now, seems rather funny.  I sat there, on the edge of the tub, sobbing because there was no food for supper, and whatever would we do?   And I was serious.  Which also seems rather funny now.  (And also, I’m wondering how I came to be sitting on the edge of the tub…)

After the pity party, I sulked downstairs to figure out what we were going to eat. 

And that is when an eight year old little girl and a five year old little boy met me with smiles and told me they would take care of me.  That they would cook supper.  And that I should read my book.

They donned their aprons, and I pretended to read.  But mostly, I watched in awe, as my little girl and my little boy did something kind for their mom.  I couldn’t take my eyes off them, taking care of me.   

We had hot tea, for our throats.  And it was peppermint.  

And we had oatmeal.  Apples and cinnamon.  

It was the best supper I’ve had in a long, long time.  Oatmeal and peppermint tea. 


How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it!
~George Elliston




Sick and tired.

8 thoughts on “Sick and tired.

  1. How wonderful life is, when children reflect back the love that has been shown to them! You certainly have sweet, thoughtful, and kind children!

  2. Toni :O) says:

    Your children are just so sweet…darling! May I recommend Vita Cold by Afassco? It’s an easy-to-take capsule (2 of them once a day) and it’s all natural…no yucky stuff! I started taking it over four months ago at my friend’s suggestion and it’s DA BOMB (golly, did I just say that…hah!). Since I work in an office, germs are EVERYWHERE (yeah, I know, just like at home, except not yours now cause you did mad-woman cleaning…anyway, I digress) and people hack up lungs around here so I started taking it and I haven’t even had the sniffles once! My friend has been on it since last October and no icky cold or anything since before that. I order it online through Wasserstrom as we haven’t been able to find it in stores. It’s about $4.79 a box for 50 packets of two capsules. It is so worth it to keep me healthy and I haven’t taken one sick day in a number of months. Hope you start feeling better soon!

  3. Love how your day turned around. You’re a better mom for even thinking of making supper, I would have ordered pizza. Your kids are so sweet & thoughtful. What a nice memory. Perhaps some of that could rub off on my kids this summer?

  4. It’s amazing what life brings us when we least expect it. That is a precious post. Hope you are feeling better today … I do the same thing. Cleaning frenzy. I so get that.

  5. So sweet – so glad to hear you were so well taken care of!

    I’ve always said cleaning is bad for my health…after a big clean, I usually end up bed-ridden for at least a day with back spasms.

  6. Oh what sweet little people!!! This was just so moving…

    And I also mentioned Terro when you first brought up ants (I think, unless I just did that in my head) but I’ll forgive you because you’re a very sick and dramatic person. 🙂

  7. Generally not so late to my own PARTY!!!!

    Geez, If that’s not Klassy with a K.

    You’re welcome. Terro rocks.

    If by “sick” you mean “(cough, cough) Honey, I think I need to stay home (by myself and have a glass of wine), well, then, I trust you’re feeling better?

    So enjoying you as of late, I might add.

    Isn’t life better without ANTS?

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