I am not a dirty person.

Let me just say upfront, before I go any further, that I am not a dirty person.  We are not a dirty family. 

But the ants?  The ants think we are dirty. 

At first, there were just a couple of them…one here, one there.  We’d vacuum them up with the dustbuster and voila, they were gone. 

But then there were a few more.  Like maybe 100 throughout the course of a day. 

Today, I have lost count.  And it is 8:34 am people.

I don’t know where they’re coming from.  

I keep killing them. 

I am at the point now where I take great pleasure in smashing them.  Which incidentally, ants don’t smash that easily.  You really have to put some elbow grease into it, just FYI. 

And all of this sadistic ant-killing makes me feel a little unnerved. 

Please tell me you’ve had this problem, too?   (I mean the ant problem.  Not the sadistic ant-killing problem.)



Lie to me if you have to. 

And while you’re at it, I need to know how to get rid of the little creeps.

I am not a dirty person.

15 thoughts on “I am not a dirty person.

  1. They’re coming for your cake pops. Have you sprayed outside the house too…at the entrances and areas where they’re coming in? That’s how I get them to leave. Raid is your best friend!

  2. Toni :O) says:

    Hey there Kristen…we’re not dirty either but we’ve had our fair share of ant problems…LOTS of big, black ants all over and I live in a tri-level. So, we called an exterminator…that is about the only way you can get rid of an infestation (which you probably have) and you’ll most likely need to call them back in about six months to kill the eggs that may hatch later. Orkin is VERY expensive, try to use one that doesn’t advertise as much and they will cost less. I’d refer you to my guy but you’re not in Michigan unfortunately. You can have them spray more of an organic type spray too and it still works as my kids have asthma and allergies and this guy was terrific about letting me know it wasn’t harmful to them or us. We had him spray twice in one year (this was about two years ago) and no sign of ants since. Good luck chicka! Oh, our problem is those yucky centipedes…UGH, I HATE those creepy bugs! May call my guy back about those but they are harder to get rid of unfortunately.

  3. Mom says:

    We have ants every spring. Dad sprays the outside of the house, and it works a bit, but it takes time. This year we are on our second round of ants. The first batch consisted of teeny tiny ants, but annoying nevertheless. This current family is somewhat larger, and even more annoying. I don’t usually take the time to grab something to kill them with, I just squash them with my finger. Gross, but they are so fast to get into a crack somewhere that I have to hurry. Then I put them into the garbage disposal and turn it on–I can’t hear the little creeps being ground up, but I still get some sort of satisfaction that if my finger didn’t get them, the disposal did.

    Oh gosh, I think I may need help.

  4. Kelly says:

    Haha… Mom may need some help. 🙂

    I don’t know if you have the big variety or the small ones, but we have the teeny tiny ones. They have gotten better cause we had a bug guy come out… He comes out here quarterly and sprays outside and in if its needed… They drive me NUTS!! Anyhow, John and I both take great pleasure in smashing them. With our bare hands… Mom is right… There is no time to grab anything, and just to clarify, I didn’t teach John this, but after he saw me smash about a million ants he decided it looked like fun I guess, so now we smash them and say “Bye ant”… and then *release* them outside. 🙂

  5. This is too funny, because we had a TON of big black ants running around our deck yesterday. My husband found the ant hills out in the yard and destroyed them. The ants haven’t returned- yet. We always get them after a big rain has flooded them out and they’re looking for a new home!

  6. We had this problem last summer…praying they don’t come back. Anyway, last year we had a tiny new puppy indoors and I’m funny about bug sprays and such to begin with. I found that vinegar worked the best. I sprayed straight vinegar out of a squirt bottle…on the ants, their trails and where they were coming in. I had to repeat the process maybe three times. That’s it. Apparently my ants don’t like the smell any better than I do. They went away and haven’t come back.

    My mom and step-dad came home from vacation to find ants all in their pantry. Called the expensive exterminators and spent $$. Still had ants. Tried the vinegar and got rid of them.

  7. We had ants last summer, on of the boys left a vanilla wafer on the floor and the next day we had a ton of them. I was able to find out where they were coming in at and I used baking soda to sprinkle around the area to keep them from coming in. But I have also heard you can use vinegar, black pepper, mint and red chili pepper. We do have our house sprayed twice a year to get rid of any spiders, wasps or other pests that may be lurking around and looking for a way in. Hope this helps.

  8. speak of the little devils… we’ve never had any ants in the 5 years of living here, and yesterday there was a little line of them marching around my foyer. I will be trying out the vinegar as mentioned above!

  9. Ooh ooh! I know how to get rid of them within 24 hours!


    Sometimes it’s hard to find…. but for some odd reason, Walgreens usually has it.

    So it looks like corn syrup and you pour a little dot on waxed paper and put it where you see the ants. They flock to it, carry it home and voila – NO MORE ANTS.

    Works like a charm. I promise!!

    Let me know.

  10. Ours are seasonal. They come at point in the late spring/early summer and again in late fall. I put down traps, etc but they just seem to show up and leave on their own. I hate them though. I use the vacuum on them. ;o)

  11. We have had ants in the past. Don’t bother with an exterminator unless they stick around for more than a couple of weeks.

    We use Terro ant killer. Very low tech, but seemed to work just as well as the exterminator. I liked that it wasn’t a spray that the kids would be inhaling.

    Good luck!

  12. I don’t know anything about ants but just want to say that it’s not your fault. Jen is right — they’re after your cake pops! Make a big ant cake pop — that should scare ’em good!

  13. Whatever. You’re just dirty.

    Kidding of course.

    I’ve been noticing the tiny tormenters over here too…I suppose they’re multiplying as I type this. I only know of Terro for killing ants, but that’s a bit dangerous for the kiddos.

    Miles LOVES smashing ants (which unnerves me too, but I could fly him on over) 🙂

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