A Few Miscellaneous Things

1.  Ella is almost two.  She’ll be two in 4 days.  Four days.  Two has always been one of my favorite ages with my kiddos.  They are able to communicate relatively well (which for Ella means a lot of pointing and shrieking and such).  They are so full of wonder at two.  Everything is new to them.  And Ella wants nothing more than to play with me, all day long.  To read books together, to have tea together, to cradle our babies and comb our hair and blow bubbles.  Together. 


Somersault NST

That’s what it’s all about.


2.  Note to self…read bottle labels before you wash your face.  Otherwise you might douse your face with nail polish remover.  And also, if you notice that the astringent smells “so much stronger than you remember it smelling,” perhaps that is because it is actually not astringent, but nail polish remover. 


3.  There is apparently some bullying on the bus to and from school.  And my little boy is bearing the brunt of it.  Crap.  I don’t know who the little creep is, but when I find out, I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.  That ought to freak him out enough to stop telling William he’s going to beat him up.  I kid.  A little.  In all seriousness, William is not terribly upset about it.  He said “I’m handling it.  I’m taking care of it.”  Isn’t that the cutest thing for a seven year old boy to say?  I’m just glad school is about over so this issue can evaporate over the summer. 


4.  My frog is gone.  Y’all remember my frog, and my wierd little obsession with him, right?  My poor little frog.  I don’t know what happened to him.  And this year he had a friend with him.  They’re both gone.  The Man casually postulated that a bird got them.  Thankyouverymuch for that, Mr. Man. 


5.  I made more cake pops oh.yes.I.did.  They are so fancy!  I think I could sell them, seriously.  Except that they don’t really taste that great, imho.  Henry likes them.  And last night I caught Ella lying on her belly on the island biting into one of them.  She seemed to rather enjoy it, too.  

There is a secret to making these things work.  I figured it out.  Actually, there are several secrets.  And okay, I actually figured them out by reading them on Bakerella’s site.  This is why they call me savvy, people. 


6.  We are on furlough #2 here this week.  Oh, it’s fun.  It’s a funlough.  I have nothing more to say. 


7.  We have  a winner in the Uprinting poster print giveaway! 

These results were audited by the firm of Me & TheMan, LLP. 

Brooke is the winner!  Brooke, enjoy your poster print. 

Uprinting does all sorts of printing online, from poster prints to canvas prints…the possibilities are endless folks. 

That is all.

A Few Miscellaneous Things

4 thoughts on “A Few Miscellaneous Things

  1. Two is a great age. Three is a great age. Four…I hope is the same. Cute pic of Ella – I remember when you were prego with her.

    WHo is this bully? At least W is telling you things. I wonder if his buddy knows something is up…I’ll have to inquire more.

  2. No you didn’t. Number two made me laugh SOO very hard. When I was pregnant my face started peeling like I had a horrible sunburn. I went to my OB/Gyn and she sent me to a dermatologist. Both were stumped. Five days later I realized that the bottle for the face lotion that I’d been using for the last month looked a little different than the old one. On closer inspection I realized that in tiny fine print it said moisturizing facial SOAP.

    At least you realized your mistake quickly!

  3. William is handling his bullying situation so well – good for him. Stupid bully – this is the reason I taught preschool, everybody’s friends with everybody else.

    Great pic of Ella – wow does she look like Henry!

    And I thought mixing up the shampoo and conditioner (which are in 2 very differently colored bottles) was bad, hmmm, not helping here, am I? 😉

  4. I, too, love two! 🙂
    Such a wonderful age.

    Fun post. Except for the sad bullying part. Sounds like your little guy is growing up quite well.

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