Random things on my mind

1.  This new word “uber.”  I have seen it about 4 times in the last week, yet never once prior to that in the last 38 years.  You know how a word just starts showing up, and everyone uses it because it’s the new cool word?  Like ‘ping’ that all the techie-blackberry-user people use.   Or the ‘pop’ that all the fashion designers like to use.  So anyway, uber appeared to be a substitute for the word ‘super’ in most instances that I read it.  So I looked it up.  Well guess what?  It’s a cognate of the Latin ‘super’ and greek ‘hyper’.  So there you go.  Why not just say super?  or really? or very ?  Interestingly (or maybe not), it also can be used to say “cool.”  As in you are so uber.  If someone was really cool, would they be uber uber?

2.  Chip -n- Dale.  You know, the chipmunks.  Let’s keep in mind here that I am close to 40.  And it just now dawned on me that chip -n- dale is a play on chippendale.  How has that escaped me for the better part of my life?  I’m right, right?  It is a play on chippendale, right?

3.  Did you ever wonder who the idiots are that order those ugly checks?  For instance the checks with ducks taped up with duct tape and they say “duck tape” all over them…or ducks with backpacks that sport “backquackers” around the border.  Who are the people that buy those anyway? 

That would be me. 

I honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I bought them.  But I did.  I don’t know what is wrong with me.

4.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned the happy hours.  I know Jenny has.  Keep in mind these are family friendly.  Not raucous.  We do not play wierd games like Darcie does.  Here is my girl’s interpretation of the happy hour…

 BBQ Fun by Kate 2009

Please note what I believe to be me, in the center there, toasting with a glass of wine while I completely ignore the angry boy chasing the laughing girl (who is clearly egging him on).  I apparently have no concern for the baby playing in close proximity to the hot grill.  Oh, and The Man is doing all the cooking while I lounge.  Because that’s how I roll. 

5.  And finally, Uprinting.com has offered one of my readers a nice giveaway…and just in time for Father’s Day, too!  Since you, my readers, are a rather small (though highly sophisticated) pool of people, you’ve got a great shot at winning.  Uprinting.com does an assortment of things, including poster prints and even canvas prints online.   And they’ve offered one of y’all a free 18×24 poster print!  Here’s what I’m thinking I would do with mine…

Johnson 38-1 goldenI would love love LOVE seeing this on my family room wall in poster size.

So here’s what you’ve got to do to enter…it’s nothing terribly exhausting, don’t worry.  Just leave me a comment telling me what you’d do with your poster print! 

If you’d like a second entry, link to this post on your blog.  Let me know in a second comment that you’ve done so.  Remember, I’m not all that quick with the wit.  It might confuse me if you try to combine your entries into one comment.

You do not need to be a blogger to enter!  Please make sure I have a way to contact you if you win.  Otherwise, I’ll have to choose another winner.

Deadline to enter is Wednesday June 3, 6:32pm, EST.  That’s Virginia time, in case you aren’t savvy with the time.  Time’s Up!!!  Congratulations to Brooke!

–Pause to say that I cannot say the word savvy without hearing the following in my head:  “Law don’t go ’round here, lawdog.  Savvy?”  Perhaps I’m dating myself with that quote…–

I’ll choose a winner at random (which probably means picking a name out of a hat) and post the winner on at some point on Thursday!  Oh, one more little thingy…this is only open to US/CAN residents.  I love all y’all…but those are the rules.   

Good luck!!!

Random things on my mind

16 thoughts on “Random things on my mind

  1. I’ve been using Uber for years. Are you saying that it’s now going to be the “in” word. Darn people.

    My husband refuses to let me order amusing checks. It’s National Parks or blue.

  2. how uber cool … 😉 I twittered about your uber giveaway on my blog and asked everyone to use the word uber in their comments. very savvy of me! heh heh. have an awesome … eh uber … weekend! re: chip -n- dale, Alice in Wonderland is about drugs, isn’t it? the world is so twisted …!

  3. Am I sitting toasting with you in that drawing? If so I look uber cool. I don’t know if I can win…all your readers might think it’s rigged or something but I’d love to get a poster of my blog header/gravatar.

  4. Hm. I can’t decide between a seductive shot of my “curves” for the ceiling above Spin’s side of the bed…. or a cute pic of the kids for Spin’s office…..


    I guess I have until Wednesday to decide…

    Oh, and have you SEEN the Anne Taintor checks? Spin won’t let me have them…….

  5. Toni :O) says:

    Woot Woot…a CONTEST! On YOUR blog?! Well, how about them apples! So Cool! I LOVED the photo you picked…just darling and I just wanna squeeze Ella’s legs I tell you. I just had our downstairs repainted so there’s not ONE thing put back on the walls YET….however, I have a darling photo of my children that I would LOVE to see hung up as I have yet to print it but would love to have it blown up. Here’s hoping I’m chosen! Have a great weekend gal pal!

  6. I would print the recent photo of Hailey and her “wishing Flower” frame it and hang in the hall near the enlarged photo of her sister! We don’t have a BIG picture of Hailey yet and would love love love one!

  7. Ahhh…I know exactly what I’d do: I’d print a beautiful b&w picture of the san diego LDS temple to hang in our bedroom to remind me of our wedding day. 🙂

  8. Love that photo – and I could so see it in your home :). I would get a photo taken of Cliff and I to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary (on the 12th) and have that blown up – because it’s been an uber-great 5 years :).

  9. floatingmagnolias says:

    I’d probably get a picture of the three of us kids, now that my brother’s graduating high school and going to go live on campus for my mom and dad. We got these “mom likes me best” t-shirts, because she wanted to get a picture of us in them, but we never did. And now he’s going to college and it seems like the perfect time
    (I also am confused as to the use of uber. I’ve tried using it a couple times, succesfully, but I don’t really understand the function of it. That’s what I love about English, it’s always changing.)

  10. Love the picture! I have been trying to figure out what to do for father’s day. The boys and I had a picture of us made for hubby last year and he has it hanging over his dresser and one at work. A big one we would have to hang in the living room or den but it wouldn’t be there for long we are thinking about moving and possibly out of state. Our list of places include OKC, Wichita Falls, North Carolina, Georgia and possibly Tennessee. But I will talk more about that at a later date once we possibly know if hubby gets the job.

  11. Oh my gosh! This is like the nicest thing in America : ). I love prints of my pictures. Big prints of my pictures make me positively WHOOZY with delight : ). I would like a print to put at the top of the stairs. Thanks a ton!

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