Bakerella I am not. And other sundry stuff.


So I attempted the cake pops.  Cupcake pops to be more specific.  Because somewhere I read that if you are a beginner then you should try the cupcake pops first because they don’t have to be all perfectly round and whatnot like the cake pops.  (In case you aren’t hip to the lingo, cupcake pops are cute mini cupcakes on a stick.  Cake pops are round balls of cake on a stick.) 

Before I go any further , let me just say that I consider myself to be rather savvy in the kitchen.  Rather savvy indeed.  (And the first two times I typed the word savvy, I misspelled it.  I’m that clever.)

So I figured there would be a bit of a learning curve on these cake pops, but that I would master them without too much trouble. 


Darcie did it” I told myself.  I’m sure I can do it. 


I must have missed the part where Darcie said “In all honesty these puppies are not easy.  At all.”  Yes, I completely skipped right over it. 

Either that, or I figured that statement didn’t apply to me because I’m so savvy.  And also cocky and arrogant.  And a fool.   

So anyway, I did alright up until the part where you have to dunk the mini cupcakes in the candy melts.  This is a few hours into the project.  Mm-hmm.  I bought the same ingredients in Bakerella‘s recipe.  I really did.  And I’ve used them before.  I really have.  For other things. 

For the sake of brevity, let’s just say that things were going downhill fast, and all the  super-cute mini cupcakes were, well, flattened.  And not by accident, either.  I don’t know what came over me.  Other than the failure, I mean.  Failure can cause a bit of a panic in me. 

At that point, I decided to take the flattened cupcakes, roll them into balls, jab a stick into them and dip them.  And ironically, that seemed to work better.  They were actually not totally embarassing:

cake popsI edited the picture a little to soften the imperfections.  However, there is a massive fissure running down the one in the back.  Try not to notice.  I figured if I made the picture small enough, it would still be honest, and you might not be able to see the crack.  But alas, there it is. 

So what I learned last week?  One thing: 

1.  I will never — not ever — never, make cupcake pops again. 

Not ever. 




The cake pops?  Yes, I’ll try that again.  The more I made, the better they turned out.   

And I have been thinking about the cake pops non-stop for about two weeks.  Okay, maybe not non-stop, but a LOT.  So much so that I had a dream about Bakerella last night.

By the way, this dreaming about bloggers and food is mildly disturbing. 

So anyway, I had a dream that Bakerella had branched out into making candies.  Now, this would not be all that interesting except that the candy she was making was plain old salt water taffy in the waxed paper wrappers.  There was nothing unusual or pretty or fancy about these candies at all.  In my dream I was even skeptical that she actually made them, and didn’t just buy them at the shore and try to pass them off as her own…  Everyone was raving about how lovely they were.  But people, they were not lovely.  They were balls of pastel taffy wrapped in waxed paper.  “What is lovely about that?”  I thought to myself in my dream.  And “I could make those…they look easy.”  And “I don’t know why everyone thinks Bakerella is so great…She’s not all that.  I could do all that stuff that she does.” 

And now I’m thinking that I’m definitely cocky and arrogant.  And quite possibly a fool. 

Oh, and by the way, I think Bakerella is ALL that.  Really.

Bakerella I am not. And other sundry stuff.

13 thoughts on “Bakerella I am not. And other sundry stuff.

  1. I haven’t been within 10 miles of flour, sugar, butter nor milk in 3 weeks. I actually feel great! But I want one or 100 of those cakie popper things. I just HAD to go over to Bakerella’s too, thank you very much. Those are so cute! I could go neurotic thinking up new designs. It’s like the NY version of moonpies … so saVy 😉

  2. Oh my gosh! They look great! I didn’t know who Bakerella was until everyone and their brother started mentioning these magic pops. I am so not cool…. You, on the other hand, are the coolest for even trying! Way to go!

  3. Mom says:

    You brought to mind the black forest cake whose layers slid off each other and became black forest pudding, not altogether unintentionally either! You are so like me! That’s the last time I made that cake. Too bad because it’s super delicious and the ones they sell at Safeway don’t compare. Maybe I’ll try it again….

  4. Bakerella is totally all that.

    Your cake pops turned out WAY better than ours. Only I won’t be making them again. Not only were they sort of disastrous to look at, but they were way WAY too high on the sweetness scale for my tastes. And that’s coming from someone with a serious sweet tooth.

  5. Super cute.

    But would they have been just as tasty in a paper liner?

    Or even store bought?

    You should add “over-achiever” to your list of confessions.

    Then we can all go back to feeling good about ourselves.

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