What I learned this week. Take note.

1.  When your child (who is having a severe reaction to an immunization) tells you “Hey mom, my pee was pink!” it will also happen to be the only time he has flushed the potty without you reminding him in the last month.   

2.  Since you didn’t actually SEE the pee, you have to google what pink pee indicates.  It indicates blood in the urine, which is what you thought in the first place.  So you google causes of pink urine.  Which brings up lots of scary kidney problems that you can’t pronounce.

3.  Google may or may not be a fear-monger.

4.  When you call the pediatrician’s office to discuss pink urine, they will not calm your fears.  The freak-out is detectable in their voice, though they try to hide it.   

5.  Little boys might not actually have pink pee when they say they do.  But then again, they might.  Hard to say. 

6.  “Pink” has many shades.

7.  When googling the causes of pink urine, you will find that eating fresh beets can cause your urine to turn pink.  Interestingly, canned beets do not have the same effect.  Also, not everyone who eats fresh beets will have pink urine.  I am curious to know how this subject comes to be discussed.  Unless I’ve had a LOT of alcohol, I can’t imagine bringing up the color of my urine at a social event.   

8.  Ella needs a daily nap.  Enough said about that.

9.  Ella is still cute as a button when she’s really cranky. 

10.  A glass of wine takes the edge off.  Okay, I already knew that.  Whatever.

11.  You can rejoice all you want when a weekday baseball game is rained out.  But be prepared for the make-up game.  Because it’s coming.  And the new date and time won’t be any better than the original. 

12.  T.G.I.F.  Okay, I already knew that, too.  Whatever whatever.

That’s pretty much all I have to say.   Visit Musings of a Housewife if you are inclined to learn more.  Hopefully no one else is posting information on urine and beets.

What I learned this week. Take note.

7 thoughts on “What I learned this week. Take note.

  1. I did not know that pertinant information about beets.
    Than again, we do not eat beets. I told my children years ago that beets give you a hairy bum. You should have seen them looking at my Grandmother, putting them on her plate at a buffet!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Oh, my… I haven’t been on my “bloggy rounds” lately… so much to catch up on!

    How is Henry doing???

    When you tell your oldest boy he can have ONE go-gurt, and he sneaks a whole bunch of them, and his favorite go-gurt is blue… it’ll make his poop green. Fun times.

    And – thinking of your “50 Things”, below – I have never slept on satin sheets, but my grandma used to buy us satin pillow-cases, which were wonderful.

    No heroin.


  3. I can so relate to wanting to see the toilet’s contents the ONE TIME that my daughter actually remembers to flush. However, when we’re having people over for dinner they are met by all sorts of things in the bowl. Sigh. Gotta love these kids! Have a good weekend!

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