My opinion of the rain is that it can go away and never come back.

Yep, that’s how I feel alright. 

How many days of rain have we had now…like six? 

You know, one day of rain is nice…refreshing, it greens things up, bla bla bla.

Day two of the rain was inconvenient at best.  I didn’t do any errands on day one of the rain, because that’s just less than fun with a baby and a child with hearing aids that can’t get wet.  So if I don’t run errands on day two, then I’m really going to be behind. 

Day three of the rain.  I’m really behind.  I didn’t run errands on day two either, because I figured I’d just devote day three to errands, and maybe I’d get lucky and not have rain.  Riiiight.  I became rather grumpy, friends.

Day four of the rain.  Grumpy didn’t quite capture my mood correctly.  Hostile.  Yes, hostile is more appropriate. 

Day five.  Rain.  Exhausted.  Rain is

Day six.  Clouds.  Heavy, suffocating, foul, oppressive clouds again. 

Tomorrow, the forecast is for rain. 

I just have no response to that.

My opinion of the rain is that it can go away and never come back.

6 thoughts on “My opinion of the rain is that it can go away and never come back.

    1. hahahaha! That actually made me laugh. I bought a poncho for Kate. I figured if I didn’t, she’d be the only white-trash girl walking around in a trash bag, and I’d be forever known as the idiot mother.

  1. Toni :O) says:

    We got our new patio set (after 12 years…FINALLY a new one) and it rained the entire day and ALL week after that! I figured I jinxed ourselves. The last three days have been beautiful and now the clouds are rolling in for three to four days of rain…oh joy….lucky us! I feel your pain…it’s been too much of a rainy spring for me! Oh, and the picture..had me CRACKING up…gotta love what our kids draw these days eh?

  2. Oh yeah. And the worst is that here we’ve been having some awesome days of sunshine, and we’re starting to get the summer clothes out, and everything. The rain is such a damper, I haven’t even checked the seeds we planted last week.

  3. Non says:

    Yhepp. Hearing aids+rain = NO. I had to sprint across a parking lot in the dark because it was pouring- which i realized as i stepped outside- and had to tare my h-aids out and hold them under my shirt. Not the most effective preservation method, I know. Oh, did I mention i was carrying a 4 foot long 30 lb+ metal case? lol. Sometimes I think hearing aids should come with small umbrellas– or at the very least an attachable pop out awning.

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