Just a Bunch More of Nothing

I should really start a Miscellaneous carnival.  Because I seem to have a lot of miscellaneous things to share.  Things that, on their own, cannot make a story, but taken together can be rather entertaining.

I’ll do that later.  In the meantime, you might not want to hold your breath.

Moving right along…

1.  Onna at toddlercraft has inspired me to make these with the kids.  They all LOVE painting, and I love this kind of craft.  We’ll put them in the butterfly garden.  (The one that I still haven’t planted yet.  I’m going to do that later, too.)  Thank you Onna!

2.  Molly at The Bumbles Blog honored me with the Splash Award.   Because I allure, bemuse, bewitch, impress and inspire them.  And what do you know, it had to do with a booger.  And a black booger at that.  Thank you, Bumbles!


3.  V-8.  Spiced up with a little tabasco and a heavy coating of pepper.  I always feel healthy when I partake of the V-8.  So I bought a bottle the other week. 

Guess how many glasses of that bottle I drank?  Zero.  The Man drank the entire thing.  So the next time I went for groceries I bought two bottles. 

Guess how many glasses I got this time?  One.  O.N.E.  One.  When I need the V-8, I need the V-8.  And not only is he hogging all the V-8, but do you know what he pairs it with?  Cinnamon oatmeal squares.  Or today, pumpkin-chocolate bread.  Isn’t that just wrong?  

4.  Max and Ruby.  Where is the mom?  Is Ruby the mom?  Ruby appears to be the sister, but then where is the mom?  I thought maybe Ruby was a teenager, and therefore old enough to care for a toddler, but she’s in the bunny scouts.  And “bunny scouts” doesn’t sound too teenagerish. 

5.  This right here, I just don’t even know what to say.  Other than perhaps we have exposed the children to too much American Idol. 


You can’t read the caption at the bottom, so let me just fill you in.  It reads: “I fell in to a burning ring of fire.” 


Please note the thought cloud of the poor soul on his way down into the burning ring of fire.  And also the words his associates speak — “See you later!” and “bye bye!”  And I’m not sure, but it appears that as he is spiralling to his fiery death, the other two are flying around on trapeses, without a care in the world.  

I’m not sure whether to laugh hysterically or be concerned…

6.  I’m feeling the kids slip away a little. 

I watched Henry sleep the other night, and I realized that in one month preschool will be over.  Forever. 

And I don’t really remember it.  I don’t know where all that time went.  


I’m afraid I’ve missed some of the best times with him. 

And that really, really hurts my heart.

Just a Bunch More of Nothing

5 thoughts on “Just a Bunch More of Nothing

  1. I bought glow in the dark paint for the rocks – this has been something I’ve been wanting to do with the kids too. The drawing is interesting – sometimes you have to wonder what really is going through their minds.

  2. Oh, that last one about did me in! Like holding onto drops, isn’t it?

    But that burning ring of fire? HI-larious! 🙂 Sunday at church one of mine walked up to one of our pastors and pretended to shoot him with a bazooka… I still can’t figure out where it all comes from. 🙂

  3. I must have telepathically channeled your blog- we just collected a bunch of rocks to paint today. Except we’re going to heat them up in a warm oven and melt crayon bits over them rather than paint them.

    And I think American Idol would be FAR better if a ring of fire was incorporated into the show!

    Ruby’s definitely the sister rabbit. I’ve never seen the parent rabbits. Maybe they’ve gone on permanent vacation? Or Ruby knocked them off…

    And thanks for reminding us all the the preschool years pass by all too quickly!

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