Mind-numbing Nothingness

I really don’t have a lot to say today. 

I am barely able to complete a thought these days.  And I go from one task to another, in spurts, not completing anything. 

The laundry is half-folded. 

The filing is half-filed. 

The grocery list–half-purchased. 

I have managed to complete one thing, though.  I have managed to completely ignore all the cleaning I had planned for the week.  Something had to go, and really, that’s just the least attractive task on my list.


Today is going to be warm and sunny.  Thinking about a happy hour with friends this evening.  Thinking that would be fun.  As long as we don’t discuss school boundaries.  And as long as Henry feels better.


Henry wasn’t feeling better last night.  And it’s 10:00 and he’s still asleep.  Not a good sign.  I slept on the floor with him (as is our custom when one of the kids has the barfs), with a nice big barf bowl between us, just in case.  We had no barf, but just the mere possibility is enough to keep me from sleeping well. 

That, and the fact that I’m old and the floor hurts my old self.


School pictures came back.

Oh. My. 

All I can say kindly is Kate has a hard time with the pictures. 

And William…well…let’s just say there was an excess of product in his hair that day.  We chose picture day to try out a new product.  I think this aptly communicates our very high intelligence and also our high degree of common sense.  I can only imagine what his teacher thought.  


Ella has a new word.  “Boob.”  And she uses it correctly, too.  Because when I teach the children something, I teach it all the way.  My daughter cannot say ball, or cup, or please, but she can say boob.  Thank you, thank you very much.  This morning I found her standing in her crib, completely in the buff (which brings up a whole new set of concerns.)  She points and says “boob.”  That’s my girl.


The Man has this way of being all organized.  His socks are grouped by color in his drawer.  His shirts hang in the closet in day-of-the-week order.  He has a rotation system, y’all (we feed each other’s neurotic tendencies).  When things are stressful around here like they are right now, my thoughts turn to ways to bother The Man. 

I’m really mature that way. 

I think of things like switching around the shirt order to freak him out.  Or mismatching his socks and see if he notices before he gets to work.   

One time I ate all the ice cream and put the container back in the freezer filled with rocks.  Imagine his surprise when he went for his midnight snack.  Oh, c’mon, you know you’re laughing at that one.  That was just funny.

Today, he may get a voice mail from the Wiggles.  Maybe “I Am a Dancer” or “Fruit Salad.” 


Well, that’s about it.  Thank God it’s Friday…

Mind-numbing Nothingness

11 thoughts on “Mind-numbing Nothingness

  1. karen says:

    Hope you make it out with your friends. For me, that’s like pressing the restart button on everything else. Go crazy — forget the laundry this weekend! 😉

  2. Toni :O) says:

    Goodness I LOVED this post. I was LOL with the Boob word and the rocks…HILARIOUS. Speaking of picture day…it reminds of how often picture day rolls around and then I realize the NIGHT BEFORE my son needs a haircut…as does every kid in TOWN I say……GRRRRR…..Oh, and I’m neurotic like your hubby…..I think it’s actually called Type A Personality…I organize my socks by color as well AND my pants in the closet by color…freak I am…at least I readily admit it these crazy tendacies of mine. Have a great sunny weekend Kristin…I’m with Karen…forgot the cleaning!

  3. I can completely relate to most of this post!! I can’t tell you how many times I find myself half completing things-bouncing from one thing to another. I am so much more productive when I can complete one task then move to another, I get it done faster and better!! Right now I am typing this after helping the kids, picking up a few toys, will probably go get a snack and come back- oh and I just got an IM from a freebie trading friend. LOL

    I hope you get out with your friends!! I really need to do that too!! My hubby is out with his tonight! I’ll be online so come say hello if you can’t get out!! think it will be gno for me tonight-lol.

    I do the lay next to my kids thing too when they throw up!! I am so afraid they will choke or get it all over them. Not very restful!! You must be exhausted!!

    The boob thing cracks me up!! My kids know all the correct terminology for their private parts because I have always freely used it ( I am a trained couselor-so I am pretty comfortable with the real terminology). However my daughter has on more then one occasion pointed out to people that girls have a va— (won’t put it here since don’t want to upset anyone) and boys have a p…! Ever see the move kindergarten cop with arnold swartzenager? that’s my dtr!!

    Hope everyone is better soon and you get some rest and relaxation (your hubby better watch out!!)


  4. Marcy says:

    Well that was a fun post for you having nothing to say 🙂


    Hope you got get your boundary free happy hour tonight. Can I crash?


  5. Oh my gosh – I’ve been out of town since Thursday and in my blog-catching up, I had to stop and comment on this one…tears in my eyes from laughing. Seriously.

    My husband also rotates his clothes…it’s kinda scarey the reaction when they realize you rearranged the shirts. Kinda funny too :).

    Hope Henry is all better!

  6. LOL I love messing with my hubby’s mind, too. Just to annoy him some days. He’s neurotic about his favorite CUP and I hid it from time to time. 🙂

    I quit buying school pictures years ago. My twins always make weird faces and they always have pics scheduled on the same day as a field trip slogging through the mud…so I can never send them in anything decent. I might buy their senior portraits just so I can remember what they look like.

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