What Are You People Looking For, Anyway?

So I’m kind of analyzing my traffic.  I always find it interesting to see what people are looking for and how they end up here in my spot. 

I’ve done this before, and frankly, the results were disturbing.  I understand that my content is what is driving the results and thrusting you good people at me.  But seriously, “black booger in child?”  Really?  I mentioned that like one time.  Can we just let it go?

And for another thing, why are people running searches on black boogers in children? 

What exactly is it that you want to know about a black booger? 

For the life of me I can’t figure that out. 

Moving right along…

So.  (If I had a drum, you’d be gettin’ a roll right now…) Here are the top five results of my latest search engine terms:

no small thing (well okay, that one makes sense.  Does this mean that people are actually looking for me?!)

dirty socks (it’s still there.  I will never outrun it, I guess.) 

language sample (Okay, again, this one makes sense.  Good.  On the right track.)

barbie, or some variation of it, including naked barbie, barbie parts, barbie heads and barbies without heads.  Oh, and let’s not forget ‘disfigured barbie’.  You people are sick.  (And all because of one, albeit one entertaining, photo).

freckles.  (Because I love freckles.)

So what have I learned from this? 

Well, it seems the level of sophistication of my reader pool is not so much improving as it is shifting.  Shifting from physically gross (no offense to those of you with the black boogers or the sweaty socks), to downright creepy.  

And that perhaps–just perhaps– I may want to adjust my blog fodder.  Like, no more booger talk.

And a question arises.  Why are so many people searching “dirty socks?”  I mean, it’s number two on my all time search terms. 

So people are looking for dirty socks. 

Well, maybe not dirty socks, per se… 

Are y’all trying to figure out how to wash them?  If so, soak ’em in a little borax and cold water, then normal wash.  Problem solved.   

You’re welcome.

Oh, and whoever you are out there looking for “punishment with socks,” I think you need to seek help.  That just doesn’t sound good, on any level.

What Are You People Looking For, Anyway?

11 thoughts on “What Are You People Looking For, Anyway?

  1. Hi there! I found you on the 31DBBB forum and enjoy your website. This post is very interesting. Guess I better go back a few days and really spend time on this challenge.

    Look forward to more reads 🙂

  2. It’s interesting to me to see from where viewers of my blog are coming. I don’t have a large audience nor do I strive to have one. It’s a creative outlet for me and it’s fun to see where it goes. So that makes it all the more strange when out of the blue — I’ll have hits from 30+ countries (and no comments). Which is fine but I’m wondering how they found me and why they visited! I still have searches for “cinnamon rolls” … the recipe that took me 2 days of preparation to post! — xo

  3. Golly. Now I’m afraid to find out what people are searchding for! There are some strange, strange ducks out there. Barbie fetish? Really?? Wow. I’ve never read about the black booger thing, and now I must find it. So add one more “black booger” searcher to your list, lol.

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