Happy Little Things

I’m tired. 

The to do list is so long I just don’t even want to look at it.

And it’s raining today. 

And it’s going to rain tomorrow.

I think that exacerbates the tired. 

And the grumpy.  I’m also grumpy.

(But that could have less to do with the rain and more to do with the fact that we ran out of coffee.) 

((How does a person run out of coffee?  Isn’t that, like, a staple?))

The little peanut butter eggs I’ve been sneaking from the Easter baskets have done little to boost my mood.

And the same goes for the jelly beans.

But doesn’t “jelly beans” sound happy? 

The colored eggs are definitely happy.

And the daffodils…very happy.

But back to the grumpy.

I like to wallow in my misery, you know.

Sitting here in my gray funk of a day, thoughts cross my mind.   Happy little thoughts.

Thoughts of Ella.




Their arms around my neck. 

Their little hands in mine.

The smell of their hair.

The sounds of their voices. 

Their freckles. 

Their smiles.

Their footsteps.

I’ve waited all my life for those little things. 











“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”  –Robert Brault

(Thanks Rebecca!)

Happy Little Things

5 thoughts on “Happy Little Things

  1. Love love love the picture – you’ve got to enter that one into a contest somewhere! (You know, in your spare time while you are contest hunting :)).

    Feeling your grumpy today – it’s rainy rainy rainy here too.

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