Spring Break To Do

1.  Make spaghetti and meatballs.

2.  Clean the weekend fun from the powder room.

3.  Feed and water the orchids.

4.  Laundry.

5.  Make spring sugar cookies with kids. 

6.  Try not to quash their creativity while they decorate.  Resist the temptation to “help.”

7.  Clean up the cookie mess.

8.  Make chili.  Because it’s chilly.

9.  Iron Easter finery.

10.  Realize you don’t have some absolute necessity in one/all of the children’s Easter Sunday outfits.  You know, like shoes.  Or tights.  Or a bonnet.  Or tiny little white gloves that you will never be able to find at this point.

11.  Freak out.

12.  Shop for said necessity.

13.  Laundry.

14.  Vacuum.

15.  Feed the ducks at the park.

16.  Dust.

17.  Laundry.

18.  Visit the farm–spring babies are here!

19.  Laundry.

20.  Conduct science experiment with kids…

21.  Clean up that mess.

22.  Color eggs for Easter.

23.  Clean up that mess.

24.  Take a lot of pictures.

25.  Hug.  Squeeze.  Pinch.  Love.

Spring Break To Do

8 thoughts on “Spring Break To Do

  1. Aww…and post lots of pictures of your sweeties all dressed up for Easter, right? Because all of my sweeties are big now and no one wants to dress in pastels or gloves or anything cute any more. I love your list…I’ve made spaghetti and meatballs this week, but that’s it because of all the painting going on here.

  2. Hope that you got some rest at some point during your “break!” And thanks for the inspiration – we’re going to have spaghetti & meatballs for dinner tonight!

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