Just Stuff


img_0117I think they were worth it.  At first I wasn’t sure…they were lookin’ kinda sparse…  But they really pop out at you, especially as you drive up.  The only problem?  They make me want more.  And I’ve kind of forgotten how painful all that digging was.

2.  A funny thing Ella does…  She’s got a corn habit.  If she hears the freezer open, she runs over as fast as she can, yelling “baby, baby, baby” (which is what she calls herself), shoves me aside and grabs a bag of frozen corn and sucks on it.  I have no idea.  I just think it’s pretty funny.

3.  When I blew Henry a kiss the other night, he said he could do magic…  “I can swallow it, and it will pop out my nipple” said he.  I swear I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff. 

4.  My little buddy is back…I’ve been wondering if he’d be back.  And then Friday afternoon he appeared.  Yay!  In case you’ve forgotten, his name is Beanstix.  Although judging from this picture, I think he may need a slightly more fierce sounding name.  His expression is rather intense.beanstix-20091

5.  I went out on a limb and bought the cheap-o brand dry sweeper cloths instead of the swiffer cloths.  I figured I’d take a walk on the wild side, you know.  That, my friends, was a mistake.  The swiffer brand of dry sweeper cloths is WAY better.  And they’re not even payin’ me to say so.  But maybe the Swiffer people will stumble across this unpaid advertisement and send a few free boxes of dry sweeper cloths my way.  A girl can dream, anyway.

6.  When did my dreams sink to imagining free swiffer cloths arriving at my door?

7.  I have abandoned the nickel system.  Remember that fun little rule I instituted regarding hitting?  The one where if you hit someone, the hittee would get one of the hitter’s nickels?  Yeah.  Well it seemed that little Henry was becoming a wealthy man due to his big brother’s lack of self control.  To be fair, Henry knows how to egg his big brother on.  And when he began to understand the concept of “if he hits me, I get his money,” well let’s just say he used it to his advantage.  So no more nickels.  Searching for the next great punishment–I mean reward–system.   

8.  Spring, I love you.


Just Stuff

10 thoughts on “Just Stuff

  1. La says:

    Your buddy is kind of freaky looking! And I’m totally with you on the swiffer thing. I tried the off brand of wet ones – what a waste of money.

  2. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that corn thing is the funniest thing I’ve heard in days. What in the world. ALSO, totally love the nipple comment. It’s nice when our boys use words like that…. I think it sets them apart. (from normal children : )

  3. kelly says:

    We had a frog at our house in Florida. He was really cool. Your little buddy reminds me of him… he makes me miss him.

    I am sad to hear that the nickel system doesn’t work… I hope you find something that does so that some day, I can implement it at my house.:)

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