Baseball started last week…


Do you think he had fun? 

It appears that while some of his teammates are rather, you know, interested in learning the game, Henry is interested in catching a laugh. 

That’s my boy.

In other news, want to know who did not have fun? 

Yeah.  Ella.  She’s not a fan of the baseball. 

Not even a smidge of a fan. 

Which leads me to believe that it’s going to be a long season.


14 thoughts on “Baseball

  1. Those have to be the best pictures in the world. These pictures are the perfect example of boyhood- cutting up, playing ball, and giggling.

    Poor Ella. Perhaps she’ll find something interesting at the ball field… it can be hard when you’re not a sports fan in a family with lots of boys!

  2. Ugh…some of the longest hours of my life were when Oldest was playing ball and Darling Daughter was a toddler. She wasn’t a fan either. I spent my time chasing her or handing her M & M’s which she smeared all over herself. I will never figure out how my sister got her two small boys to sit quietly in their strollers and behave during ball games.

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