Ella, Again

ella-march-2009-nstThis is one of the first pictures I took with my new camera. 

Which I finally figured out how to download from. 

It took all of 10 minutes to figure it out. 

But you know, I’m all about the procrastination. 

Is she cute or what?

My photography skilz are not the best, I realize. 

Back to the cutie…

It is currently 9:55pm, and she is still awake. 

Thud.  Thud.  Thud coming from her room.

She is tossing out all of her lovies.  In a few minutes, she will be crying because she has no lovies. 

And I’ll go in and put them back in her bed, and rock with her for a few minutes and sing All the Pretty Little Horses. 

And then she’ll sleep.

I hope.

Ella, Again

4 thoughts on “Ella, Again

  1. Her hair looks so long. Jayce does the same thing with his “Daddy bear” and “happy bear” at naptime.

    You’re crazy. You take great photos.

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