Very Little

Yeah.  I pretty much have very little to say. 

I said I was creating ideas for a book.  I kind of may have stretched the truth a little with that statement.  Or semi-lied.  I actually am thinking of creating some ideas for a book.  Because the sheet of paper with the ideas has been sitting on my island for like two months now.  And the numbers stuff is basically over.  Which means I pretty much have no excuse for NOT getting to work on the ideas.

Except that I fear the assignment. 

It’s so much like writing a paper for school.  I can remember waiting until the weekend before a paper was due, and stressing about it for weeks, literally, and then sitting down for an entire day and banging it out.  Write.  Rewrite.  Done.  And I would wonder, every time, what I was so afraid of. 


Oh, here’s something that’ll make y’all really jealous…


That was sarcasm in case you didn’t realize it.

This is how my island looks every.single.afternoon around 3:30.

That would be exactly ten minutes after the kids get home from school. 

Every morning, it is clear, but for two little (truly) stacks of my things.  And then the mail comes.  And I start working on something.  And I fold the laundry, and in an effort to keep Ella from unfolding it, it ends up on the island.  Then the children come home, and they empty out their folders, and I get three sets of very very similar (if not identical) information.  And I’m forbidden by The Man from throwing any of that away because he wants to be involved and see what they’re bringing home.  And the snacks are eaten, and the cups and napkins and snack trash and crumbs.  And the homework.  Oh, the homework. 

It is exhausting just thinking about it. 


Moving right along. 


I am learning the camera.  It needs some serious learning.  Like when it says to choose the AV1 mode setting, while keeping the aperture fully open (for example, f/2.8 or an even lower f/ number, depending on your lens).  Wha?  Yeah, so no pictures on here until I figure all that bologna out.


Oh, back when I mentioned that I put the laundry up on the island to keep Ella away from it?  Yeah, well that doesn’t work anymore because she has figured out how to scale it.  Nothing is safe anymore.  Even if I move all the stools away, she pushes them back when I’m not looking so she can get up on the island.  Sneaky is what she is.  And I don’t even know where she gets that.


Ordered some mulch.  The Man postulated we hire someone to do the spreading of said mulch.  I said no, because I actually enjoy the spreading part.  And then he told me it would cost an extra $500 to have someone spread it.  Maybe I should be looking into a new line of work is what I’m thinking…

And regarding the spreading of the aforementioned mulch, I have one thing to say…


Ow is what my entire body is screaming one day post-spreading.  Do you know what 10 cubic yards of mulch looks like?  It looks big.  A big, heaping, steamy pile of half decayed wood.  And we only got maybe 5 yards spread.  That means we have 5 left.  (I’m real good with the math). 



Oh William.

He says “Daddy, I’m going to be on my best behavior at the store.”  And, running over to me “Mom, I haven’t hugged you today.”  This is the real William.  The one that I’ve been missing lately.  This weekend we took away the Wii and the DS.  From all of the children.  For a long time.  Coincidence?


One last thing.  The Man has a very bad habit of leaving his dirty socks lying on our bedroom floor.  I don’t get it, I really don’t get it.  Most of the time, I just pick them up and put them in the hamper.  But every now and then, just for fun I stuff them in his pillowcase.  Ha ha ha!  Yes I do!  And then I sit there and crack up thinking about how funny I am, and how funny it will be when he tries to figure out why his pillow is lumpy and realizes it has his dirty socks stuffed inside it. 

But then you know what he does?  He finds something of mine that I’ve left out (which you know, is very rare) and stuffs it in my pillowcase.  And I am not amused.  At all.  But I’m sure he is.  I’m going to think of some really good way to get him.  Are you reading this Mr. Man?  Just you wait…

And I’ll leave it there.  If you don’t hear from me, I could very well be lying in bed, unable to get up (what with the mulch-induced stiffness and all)…

Very Little

9 thoughts on “Very Little

  1. Your island resembles mine. That’s the one space G asks to stay clear so he can read his morning paper. It’s rarely empty much to his dismay.

    I’m cracking up about the pillowcases. That is pretty good!

  2. That’s our table too! Except I’ve given up on keeping anything (including laundry) away from the eldest because that little bugger can scale anything!

  3. So glad to have you back at the blog and sharing your days with us. I’ve missed you. And the messes… I can relate. It’s amazing how quickly it piles up, isn’t it? 🙂

  4. Yea! Glad to have you back :).

    No fearing of the assignment – you have more to say than you think :)…and I promise, my oh-so-thought-provoking questions are coming (let’s hope they are anyway…..).

    Glad to hear William has been found and is back to his lovin self.

    Is there a baby-gymnastics class in Lsbg? Put all that energy Ms. Ella has to good use.

    Oh – and the socks, made me truly laugh out loud. We had a sock that traveled all over our home, cars, etc….I’m glad to see someone else does oh-so-mature things like put socks in pillow cases hehe :).

    Sorry for the long comments – you were missed :).

  5. Your “I have very little to say” isn’t going to fool me again…

    I love the games you play with the Man. Date night shmate night. Those cutesy tricks are the *real* way to keep the romance alive!

  6. Toni :O) says:

    Hey gal….I’m with everyone else…we missed you and your daily musings. I had to LOL when I saw your island…cause mine is the same dang way! Especially on Friday…it’s SO bad with all those Friday folders and the contents spilling everywhere…Wednesday Brown Envelope is a real drag too…even more contents from that and then mix in the mail, magazines and all the darn sheets of paper with stuff I have to remember for these same kids from their teachers..OMG…it’s chaotic. Then, I get this beautiful planter/photo box from my boss for Christmas…guess where it is??? MY ISLAND OF COURSE cause I have NOWHERE else to put the beautiful darn thing and it’s been there since December 19th! Ugh…one of these moments, I WILL find a new home for that! I swear! It’s ranks right up there with getting my Easter decorations put up BEFORE Easter hits this year…oh my! Cloning myself would be helpful about now. Have a good one chicka!

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