The First Date

Twenty one years ago on this day, I sat in the front passenger seat of my high school sweetheart’s car, after our first date. 

I don’t remember anything about that date, other than that we went to a high school basketball game. 

And that I paid my own way. 

And that is the last time that ever happened, thankyouverymuch because I set him straight let me tell you what. 

And at the end of that first date, he slapped me on the knee and said, “I had fun” or something profound like that.  And there was that awkward pause…um…okay…so I slapped him on the knee and I got out of the car. 

And that was it for me…I was madly in love (hey I was only 16).

Who would have thought that after 21 years, I’d still be sitting right here next to that boy. 

I love you David Paul.


The First Date

21 thoughts on “The First Date

  1. I do believe this is the first picture I’ve ever seen of you my friend. I also see an uncanny resemblance in those two girls of yours!

    Your first date story is so….clean. 🙂 How cute is it that your hubby was so clueless. Can’t blame him I guess seeing as how you were so young. Cute nonetheless.

    I’m hoping my daughter’s dates end with a knee slap. *fingers crossed*

  2. Toni :O) says:

    You make a beautiful pair…no wonder those children of yours are so beautiful. I’m with the other one who commented…always pictures of everyone but YOU! Nice to put a face to all those posts! Loved Ella and Jellycat below…way, way cute!

  3. your mom says:

    Yes, regarding that first date, young David pulled up to the house, casually blew the horn of his car to announce his arrival, to which your dad and I replied, “no, you’re not going out there, he’s coming in here”, to your complete embarrassment. After a few moments, David realized that he was going to have to come to the door to “MEET THE PARENTS”! And the rest is history!

  4. Bwah ha ha ha! I just read your mom’s comment. That cracks me up. Hee hee! Lovely picture. Congrats on a decade! Time sure flies, huh?

    I tagged you for a meme today. You don’t have to play if you’re busy or anything. No pressure. :o)

  5. 21 years! Wow!

    I can still remember the date of our first date too. Some people find it strange I remember the littlest details, including the date. I’m glad you treasure it as much as I do.

  6. Mandy says:

    Dropping by from Jen @ Our Daily Big Top…sweet post. 🙂 I love reading about people’s stories!

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy birthday Kristen! I am coming over via Daily Big Top to say hi. I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

    I am excited to look around. Your blog is lovely!


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