The Fourth Child


The fourth child is different. 

She is a free spirit, this one is. 

She is often defiant. 

She will not sit still for a haircut, a toothbrush or nailclipping.  And you can forget nail polish. 

She loves to take a bath, but hates to be washed.  “Fight the towel” is her motto. 

She is not dainty.  But she likes to have tea. 

She likes sparkley things, and babydolls and puppies.  And jellycat.

The fourth child hates to have her hair brushed.  She is not amused by the pigtails.  And she doesn’t always keep her bows in.  Actually, she never keeps her bows in. 

She is often half-dressed.  Because she won’t wear a bib.  And she has not quite refined her eating skills yet.  And therefore she is often stained.  Or shirtless.  Because her mom figures if she puts another clean shirt on her, well, that’s just more laundry to do.

The fourth child has spent a lot of time in her jammies.  All day.  Sometimes for two or three days in a row, ahem.  

The fourth child won’t leave her shoes on.  And her socks…her socks are always half on.  Flopping around off the tips of her toes.  And she seems content that way.

The fourth child doesn’t talk much.  But she is loud.  And she is heard.  She has to be, or she’d get lost in the shuffle. 

She has a guardian angel that works overtime.  You know, to keep her from falling off the top bunk if she were to hypothetically scale the ladder or something. 

She often appears a mess.  But this one has an air of confidence and independence unlike the others.

She refers to herself as “bebe.”  Even though she is almost two.  But she’s right.  She’ll always be the baby. 

The fourth child loves kisses.  But not hugs so much.  Maybe her mom is hugging her a little too much.  Maybe her mom should get a life.  Ahem.

She is adored by her brothers and her sister. 

And the fourth child is loved every little bit as much as the first or the second, or the third. 

The fourth child completes us.

The Fourth Child

12 thoughts on “The Fourth Child

  1. You have such a gift of describing your children. I love that you know them so well and can articulate their beauty. Once again, you have me in tears, friend.

  2. Oh so sweet! Our “bebes” are quite similar! We are also usually without clothes! Why did she pick the middle of winter to have an aversion to clothing?! We do need to get these 2 together again. I was just looking through some old pics the other day and came across the ones of us all at the park last year!

  3. vicki says:

    Love your post, so sweet. That little Ella is quite the character. So I have to ask, since you are an experienced mother of girls, and I’m just learning the ropes w/ mine…what to do with the hair. I see Ella’s hair is not in her face. Madi wont keep barettes or ponytails in hers and she looks like cousin IT half the time b/c she has so much hair. Any advice?

  4. Love it when you post “tributes” to your children; they’re always so beautiful. You must have enough pictures of her with jellycat to fill up an entire scrapbook. Imagine giving her just such a scrapbook with a worn out old jellycat when she turns 16 or 18 or 30 even. Very sweet.

  5. She reminds me so much of Bri. There are socks all over the house because she takes her shoes and socks off randomly. Sometimes it’s overwhelming just having one. How do you know when your family is complete? On weeks like this where all three of us are sick, it just feels like too much to even think of adding another.

  6. Oh Ella 🙂 – I can always count on you for a smile (even if it’s when your Mommy isn’t smiling so much).

    I’ll have to thank-you in person the next time I see you for wearing clothes while I was visiting :).

  7. My fourth child was the frog in his kindergarten play today. He was so proud and we thought he would be all over being a frog prince- he too is a free spirit. When we got there and he saw all the people watching, he looked like he was going to either pass out or throw up. Poor guy. My husband says ” This is great, we will get it all on video and make a fortune” He made it through, said his lines, survived. I had to realize, he is still my baby, and not as strong as he thinks he is! Enjoy her- she soaks up all those other three get in trouble for! tia

  8. La says:

    My climber is 13 months. Way too little to be scaling bunk beds in my opinion! Your fourth sounds a lot like my third although mine is very adamant that she is NOT a baby. It’s kind of funny though because her oldest brother’s pet name for her is “the babe”. He’s called her that since she was born and I’m afraid he’ll still be calling her that in her teens.

    And I’m totally with you on the not wearing clothes = less laundry to do. My inlaws don’t get this mentality at all. If they see a shirtless child you can bet they’re gonna holler, “There’s a naked baby! Why’s there a naked baby in here???” Puh-lease. I’d way rather look at their cute little bodies anyway! =)

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