February 24…

Outside my window…Bright beautiful sunshine.  

I am thinking…wow.  nothing is coming to mind.  How’s that for dull?

I am thankful that…I am small enough to fit into my sister’s hand-me-downs.  Because she buys some nice stuff.  And then never wears it.  And then gives it to me.  I heart her.   

From the kitchen…Buffalo chicken chili.  Thanks Jenny!  (And Rachel Ray.)    

I am wearing…Jeans and a handknit sweater.   

I am creating…pretty much nothing right now.

I am going…crazy, want to come?

I am reading…Oh, you’re going to love this…I am reading “Turn up the Wick.”  It’s a book about the Hokies head football coach Frank Beamer.  I picked this book up to fill the gaps between my “real reads.”   

I am hoping…that I am prepared for this dumb audit coming up next week.

I am hearing…The dryer, and Henry ask me every five minutes if quiet time is over.  And the answer to that is no.

Around the house...need to finish painting the basement.  Actually The Man needs to finish that. 

One of my favorite things…the sun coming through the shutters.  It falls on one of my orchids which is about to bloom. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:  I am actually going to try to take Ella to mass tomorrow.  I wonder how long I’ll be in there.  Thursday is coffee with Marcy

Here is picture thought I am sharing


It’s Fat Tuesday people…what are you eating???


6 thoughts on “Today

  1. marcyh says:

    holy cow those brownies look so yummy.

    I’m drinking some sherry and eating pretzels….high class snackin’.

    Can’t wait til Thursday. The farm lady wanted me to come out on Thursday. I told her I had an appointment 🙂 yay!

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