For Today

A glimpse into my day, just an ordinary day…

FOR TODAY February 10…

Outside my window…a chilly morning, but we will be blessed with another relatively warm winter day today.

I am thinking…about everything I seem to be doing wrong.

I am thankful for…the fact that The Man’s furlough is allowing me to work on accounting.  It is the silver lining.  We’ve decided to call it a “funlough.”  Although so far, it hasn’t been very much fun.  I mean accounting.  That’s just not fun people.

From the kitchen…beef with barley soup, and ciabatta.    

I am wearingTake a wild guess.

I am creating…valentine’s with the kids.  Two of them love it.  One of them, who shall remain nameless, finds the activity to be rather dull and annoying. 

I am going…insane with all these numbers.  And to the party store for plates for the kids’ school Valentine’s Day parties.

I am reading…To Kill a Mockingbird.  Still good.  Really, really good.

I am hoping…to get a lot done today.  Yesterday I worked for 8 hours.  Got very little else done. 

I am hearing…Ella and her Daddy.  The Man is singing Wiggles songs.  This is moderately disturbing.

Around the house…Lots to clean.  What else is new.   

One of my favorite things…a picture of Coco that sits on my desk.  I was missing him yesterday.  I miss him right now. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:  accounting.  Oh, and I’ll probably do some accounting. 

Here is picture thought I am sharing

madame-bluebirdThe Man said he saw Roxanne and her male around the birdhouse the other day.  Spring must be near.

For Today

8 thoughts on “For Today

  1. “This is moderately disturbing.” Thanks for both the visual and the laugh!

    Hang in there with the numbers. Perhaps a cheap Valentines date (think rented movie after the kids are in bed…I’ve heard Fireproof is awesome!) will take you mind off of it for a few short hours?

  2. I can so hear Ella and her Daddy singing Wiggles -puts a smile on my face (& a giggle too).

    Don’t let those numbers get you down – I second Jen’s idea of some vino – always makes things better (or at least seem better).

  3. Toni says:

    Boy do we have something in common…I assist about seven executives all in Finance/Accounting for a large global firm….I see numbers ALL the time! Whew…right now with year end…IT’S CRAZY…especially with our auditors in house until March 17th….aaaccckkk!!! Ahh…wine, you need to invest in a Tastefully Simple “booze bucket” as we so lovingly refer to our drink mixes…they ROCK! Add your favorite liquor and water and put it in the freezer and WAHLA…a yummy adult beverage (or skip the booze and just add the water for a non-alcoholic treat). Check out my website: Their Blushing Cosmo is wonderful and on March 9th, THREE new drink mix buckets will premiere for Spring/Summer…check back for that exciting news! Yummo! Hang in there and hope your entire family has a wonderful Valentine’s Day! As always, thanks for your wonderful blog…it always makes me happy to read your daily musings which give us a glimpse into your life. Oh, and my house needs to be cleaned too…that’s next week’s project! :O)

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