For Today

A glimpse into my day, just an ordinary day…

FOR TODAY February 3…

Outside my window…gray and cold.  I love how the trees look in the winter.  Gray, bare, and covered with lichen.  I love how you can see the landscape so clearly through the forest when there are no leaves on the trees. 

I am thinking…I try not to think too much. 

I am thankful for…leftover chicken potpie for breakfast.  I made the crust from scratch–a nice change.  And I put vermouth and marjoram in the broth.  It was really good.

From the kitchen…think I may make some pumpkin chocolate bread today. 

I am wearing…black fleece pullover.  This is getting embarassing.

I am creating…valentines with the kids for their classmates and friends. 

I am going…to Michael’s for some pretty paper for the valentines.

I am reading…To Kill a Mockingbird.  I’ve read it several times before, but don’t remember enjoying it as much as I am this time.  I love the writing.  And that Boo Radley?  He’s freaking me out just a bit. 

I am hoping…we get a big tax refund.  Last year we increased our withholdings…

I am hearing…Ella on the monitor.  She’s waking up.  One of my very favorite sounds in the world. 

Around the house…A kitchen full of dishes.  From last night.  Because some people were sick and didn’t feel like cleaning the kitchen last night.  And also 24 was on.  And an episode of The Office that was yet unwatched.  Priorities people.  Priorities.

One of my favorite things…The Valentine’s Day wreath I made for our front door.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  staying afloat.  This is a busy time of year.  It’s all I can do to stay afloat.

Here is picture thought I am sharing

springtime-905I’m ready for spring…

For Today

6 thoughts on “For Today

  1. What – no whiskey sauce in the pot pie? Isn’t that your secret ingredient? You’re such a good mom, making valentines. I cheated and we bought the character ones from the store. The Office was hilarious – I wish I had a monitor that beeped when people that annoy me get close. LOL! I’m thinking spring too. Have a good one.

  2. Hello, friend. You have gray. We have snow. 🙂 And I’m isolated away from my kiddos and can’t play. 😦 I love, love, LOVE To Kill A Mockingbird, such a great classic. Enjoy your Valentine’s prep and fleeces. I wear a lot of fleeces, too.

  3. Toni says:

    Your home is beautiful and SO big…I’d have trouble staying on top of cleaning one that size…good for you! Wow, MAKING Valentine’s??? What the heck is THAT? You’re such a good mom! I have never made them nor will I probably ever cause I’m just not crafty like that at ALL…I’m lucky to have time to put the tattoos in them with my daughter sealing them with a sticker! So sad…it’s even harder this week with a hubby not feeling well and me leaving for Chicago tomorrow afternoon through Saturday…yikes! Crazy times ahead! Oh, we LOVE 24 and The Office as well. There are people here at work that love them both as well so it’s nice to say…”OMG, did you see that episode last night???!!!” WOW! Have a great day gal! :O)

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