For Today

A glimpse into my day, just an ordinary day…

FOR TODAY January 29…

Outside my window…pitch black.  The sun has not risen yet. 

I am thinking…This post is boring without the kids awake.  And you never know what the day will bring.  They all start the same.

I am thankful for…the hot coffee The Man prepared for me this morning.

From the kitchen…I think maybe chicken and dumplings.  I have to go  to the store for some chicken. 

I am wearing…Jammies.  Hey–it’s 5:00am.

I am creating…lots of spreadsheets, rollforwards and schedules of expenses.  Because I’m a barrel of fun like that.

I am going…to deliver cupcakes to the school for William’s birthday.

I am reading…Helen Over the Wall.  Yes, still.  I only have like 30 pages left.  But you know, that may as well be 30,000. 

I am hoping…I get over this cold with relative ease.

I am hearing…Nothing but the sound of heat.  Wow.  And every now and then, the alarm goes off.  It is the sound of birds tweeting.  And I wonder why The Man doesn’t reset it so he can sleep for another hour, rather than hit the snooze for the next hour.  I’m thinking tonight I may set it to “rooster.”  Because the rooster crowing in the morning is LOUD and it makes me laugh to think of a rooster sitting right next to our bed at 5:00am scaring the heck out of us. 

Around the house…Sleep. 

One of my favorite things…This little potholder Kate made.  I put my coffee cup on it in the morning.  Makes me smile.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  A lot of cleaning.  And a lot more spreadsheets, rollforwards and schedules of expenses.  It’s going to be a really fun week. 

Here is picture thought I am sharing


I love this girl…

For Today

11 thoughts on “For Today

  1. Mmmm. Chicken and dumplings. Do you do the from scratch whole roaster chicken and homemade stock and all that? Tell me you don’t. It would make me feel like such a poser.

  2. Your daughter’s smile is contagious. 🙂 It was so good to start up my computer tonight and see blog posts waiting to be read. Love this post. Very peaceful. (And yes, you should definitely set it to rooster.)

  3. Hi Kristen,
    (re: your comment) I don’t think that we’ve met in person.
    Send me an email (you should see my email address with my comment) and we can compare notes! 🙂

  4. Just wanted to thank you for your comment yesterday on my post at Rocks in My Dryer.

    I’m so sorry about your grandmother. I’m so sorry that at such a tender age, you simply didn’t understand.

    You know what? There’s still a lot you can do to remember her and others like her. Why not add a little purple to your blog? Grab a little banner or widget at Maybe sign up as a champion. Neither thing costs nor demands much of your time.

    You’ve already been forgiven.

    Kate’s smile gave me one of my own.

  5. I love it when I wake up early before everyone’s up—your morning sounded so serene. But, because I am a night owl, that usually means I sleep till the latest I can in the morning! One of these years, I’ll get smart and start going to sleep at a reasonable hour. 🙂

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