Tidbits, Because I’ve Got Nothing Else

1.  The number of lights I turned off this morning after the kids left for school:  9.  NINE.  Important to note–I did not use any of these lights.  They were all turned on by either the children, or The Man. 

2.  Kate’s second grade class is learning about matter (solids, liquids & gases).  They each had to bring in a mystery liquid and then give three clues to describe their mystery liquid.  Then the children each took turns guessing each other’s liquids.  One of the children brought in sweetened condensed milk.   Kate guessed it was “whiskey sauce.”  And I don’t even want to know what the teacher was thinking when she said that.

3.  My Henry is a charmer.  The other night he told me he was going to give me “one smooth kiss.”  He is five.  Oh boy he is a charmer.

4.  If someone sends you a wmv file, view it first before opening it in front of the kids.  Some things, like say, “pole-dancing” are best left unviewed by the under 18 crowd.  And it’s really hard to find the ‘stop’ button quickly when you’re in a panic because the kids are watching pole-dancing.

5.  I don’t know why someone would send me a pole-dancing video.  You know who you are.

6.  The other day, after hearing (for the umpeenth time) a complaint about my housekeeping skillz, I decided to assign chores to the children so that they could all blame themselves when something isn’t complete.  William’s chore this week was helping me fold the laundry, and Henry, bless his heart, wanted to help him.

“Hey William, look–Mommy’s bra!”

“Ha ha ha!  Is there another one?  I’m gonna find another one.”  searching…

Henry has now strategically placed the bra in place…  “Hey William, look at my boobies!”

(fits of laughter)

“boobies…boobies…boobies!”  The two of them frolic around like idiots.

And I wonder if I should just go back to doing the laundry myself.

Tidbits, Because I’ve Got Nothing Else

14 thoughts on “Tidbits, Because I’ve Got Nothing Else

  1. Oh, I am laughing so hard right now! My Bear came out of the bathroom last week w/ two Dixie cups strategically placed grinning from ear to ear. “Look, Mom, these are my bump things!” Turned his head and looked up at me, “What are they called again? I can’t remember.” *Sigh* Boys will be boys, won’t they?

  2. Toni says:

    Your posts just rock! I was chuckling and giggling after reading this one…SO funny! Thanks for allowing us into your fun little world and brightening ours! :O)

  3. Whiskey sauce, pole-dancing and an obsessions with boobies…what are you teaching your children?!?! LOL At least 2 out of 3 happened in the privacy of your own home right 😉

  4. Oy vey…what a week!

    Jo-Lynne (Musings of a Housewife) is having a ‘Things I learned this week’ carnival. And you, my friend, have quite the contribution!

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