I Heart Faces

iheartfaces1My friend Jenny at Our Daily Bigtop mentioned the I heart faces website earlier, and I’ve seen it advertised a few other times here and there ’round the ‘sphere.  But you know, I like to make sure something is really hot before I jump on board. 

Sort of like saddles shoes…I remember when I was about 10 they came into style.  I got them a couple of years later, just as they were on their way out.  Because I’m so cool like that.  And hip, too.  And clearly not at all bitter about the saddle shoes.  Anyhoo…

I decided to check out the website (before it goes out of style) and enter their kids’ faces contest. 

Here is my entry…Henry at the pool, taken last summer.


It’s one of my favorite pictures of him. 

Love. It.

Love. Him.

I Heart Faces

12 thoughts on “I Heart Faces

  1. Awww. I’d be sad if we went out of style, when I didn’t even know we were in:-) Thanks for joining in on the fun. Love your photo. Very colorful and he has beautiful eyes.

    I ♥ Faces

  2. You take such great pictures. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you win. You’re always being nominated as a finalist in photo contests. Good luck! But really, with a face like that…I doubt you’ll need it!

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