Must be More Specific Next Time…

So yesterday I wished it would snow.  This morning, I woke up to this…


Do you think it counts? 

Let’s just say it’s the most snow we’ve had all season.

And school was delayed one hour.  (don’t even get me started)

So I’m counting it.

I guess I need to be more specific in my wish requests.

Must be More Specific Next Time…

14 thoughts on “Must be More Specific Next Time…

  1. Marcy says:

    My western pa blood tells me that no this does not count. I got an email from a friend that lives in my hometown still. They have 8 inches on the ground and it is 8 degrees..they had a two hour delay today. If they cancelled everytime it snowed they would never be in school!

  2. Here in Cleveland, that would be a “cosmetic coating” of snow. But snow nonetheless. So it counts!

    Every so often we toy with the thought of moving to the Jersey Shore and they’d delay school for this too. Delaying school would annoy me. I can only imagine what your morning was like…

  3. NOPE! Doesn’t count! If you can’t sled on it it doesn’t count. AND, while I’m at it, if its going to be so fricking COLD it might as well be snowy too, right?

  4. Peering outside and the wall of white that has taken over our entire landscape, I’d say it doesn’t count! We’ll send some of our snow your direction for some sledding and snowman purposes.

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