2008 in Review

One of my interpeeps over at The Roost is hosting a sort of “year in review” picture party, and I’m joining in.    The funny thing is that I don’t have any pictures before May, because I didn’t know how to download picture before May.  Because I’m just that clever.

So, here is my 3/4 of the year in review, in no particular order…

10.   a-little-tutu-by-the-window2

 Tippy toes, pudgey nakedness, a tutu…C.U.T.E.!  I took this picture on one of the first warm days of the year.  She was looking for her daddy, who was outside mowing the lawn. 

9.  img_4116_edited

 Our first trip to the pool!  Notice the two missing teeth, and the faint goggle marks around the eyes.  And the teeny tiny beginnings of summertime freckles.

8.  ella-1st-birthday-bw

Ella’s very first birthday.  I said goodbye to the baby girl, and hello to the toddler.  I miss that baby.  But I sure do love the toddler.

7.  henry-at-coldstone

We celebrated Henry’s last day at Auditory Verbal Therapy with a trip to the ice cream shop.  I mean THE ice cream shop.  Yum.  It was strangely bitter sweet.  The closing of a two-year chapter in our lives.  And the beginning of a life-long chapter.   Oh, and check out those freckles!

6.  img_4793_edited

William after his first base hit of the year.  (I don’t know who that guy in the background is.  Just ignore him.)  Look how happy he is.  His mom sure was happy, too.

5.  jellycat-collage

Discovering a new friend.  What could be better?  (okay, I cheated a little on that one, but the series of photos says it so much better than a single photo would).

 4.  hokie-kids_edited

Ah, yes, the trip to Blacksburg.  Who could forget that?  My husband and I vowed to never go anywhere ever again on the way home from this trip.  Good times.  And proof positive that parenting causes insanity, we have planned TWO vacations this year. 

3.  img_5181_edited

Autumn at my house.  For some reason, this picture speaks to me.  The dappled sunshine in the woods, the leaves on the patio, the quiet stillness, the stone.  Autumn was especially beautiful this year.

2.  first-tooth-lost

Losing his first tooth.  And getting older by the moment.  And notice the freckles.  I have a thing for freckles, clearly.

1.  ella-the-tree

And finally, here is Ella, redecorating the tree.  I guess I didn’t get it quite the way she wanted it. 


As I looked back, I noticed something.  We didn’t take any big vacations this year… 

We didn’t have any major additions to the family, like a new baby, or a new dog…

We didn’t have any major life changes…

But I realized that so much happened in 2008.  So many beautiful memories, and all of them were just in the day-to-day life we live.  It has been a year of first steps and first words…  last visits to therapy and last bottles given.  We have lost teeth, and gained gray hair.  We have learned to read, and ride a bike.  There was baseball, and soccer, and dance, and swimming and cub scouts.  Birthdays, and holidays and camping and football games and a spring break that we all survived, though we all — yes all six of us — had the flu.  I have so much to be thankful for.  

It is a wonderful life.

2008 in Review

14 thoughts on “2008 in Review

  1. It is a wonderful life! Nice reflection of your year… I would totally steal your idea for a recap, but we’re out of town and I don’t have access to my pics! How funny that you just learned how to upload photos in May!! You’ve come a long way since then!!!

  2. What a good lookin’ bunch! And you take great photos.

    Whomever taught you to u/l photos has created a monster.

    Happy blessings to you and yours in 2009 from She Lives!

  3. I love your photos! Those freckles are the best!!

    I also love your thoughts on the year. Sometimes we forget that the best moments can be found in the daily stuff.

  4. I always so appreciate your simple stated, yet always moving, posts Kristen. I hope that 2009 holds just as many beautiful moments for you and your family!

  5. I love it – the kids are all getting so big. I’d love to see you all when I get over to Northern Va. in February!

    Where are you headed in 2009 – another Hokie game (hehe)?

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