The Writing on the Walls

And I mean that in the literal sense.



Her again.


It’s a beautiful tapestry of scribbles, wouldn’t you say?

I believe this may have happened around the time of the phone call.

Ella has learned how to open doors, and knows where the writing implements are. 

I am contemplating the idea of just making this a sticky photo for the top of this blog, for it seems rather useful.


The Writing on the Walls

8 thoughts on “The Writing on the Walls

  1. I remember when my eldest sister learned to write – she was the only one of us who could write her name then. So she would go about her artwork on the walls, under the table, on the furniture and such – scribbling out her name below each masterpiece. When Mom & Dad would ask her who did that, she’d put her hands up, and with a smile much like Ella’s say, “I don’t know …” You should turn that photo into a notecard! It is too precious!

  2. Uh oh! My daughter is the only one of our four who KEPT writing on walls throughout childhood. When it came to the point of her signing her NAME to her wall art, her daddy finally blew his top. Ella’s grin is just too cute to mess with!

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