Sugar Plums and Throw Up

Imagine for me if you will…

The kids are tucked snugly in their beds, after a nice dinner out at a great restaurant with their Grandma (thanks Grandma!).  Bellies full, sugarplums dancing in their heads.

The Man and I have settled into our respective places on the new couch.  I still heart the new couch.  Soft, fluffy warm blankets envelope us, and the glow of the Christmas lights surround us.  Time to relax a little.

Then we heard it.  The sound of s.p.l.a.t.t.e.r from upstairs…and the feeble sound of a child calling our names.  Yep.  Y’all know what that means.  We have it again.  How many days until Christmas? 

I may not be around for a while…there is laundry to do and a child to cuddle…

Pray for me, people.  I beg you.

Sugar Plums and Throw Up

7 thoughts on “Sugar Plums and Throw Up

  1. Funny title! Start bathing them in purell and spraying that lysol around 🙂 I hope he’s back to his usual self soon and no one else catches this.

    Do you know the age when they finally make it to the bathroom instead of the carpet or bed or car?

  2. Oh NO…two of mine have been sharing it back & forth for about a week. It seems to linger and linger. I hope you’re little one is feeling better soon! And that it doesn’t spread.

  3. Okay, here’s the plan. Take lots of vitamin C. Drink Plenty of fluids. Sleep as long as you can. And wash your hands until they’re so dry they crack. You can make it through this unscathed Kristen – I know you can! Ready? Break!

  4. Ugh. I saw y’all had the stomach bug in the email you sent. I am so sorry. One of the boys in my oldest’s class threw up yesterday and all I could think was, “How close have you been to Asher?” Hope it doesn’t spread throughout the whole family!

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