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Here I am, the umpeenth participant in BooMama’s 2008 Christmas Tour of Homes.  Kick back, and enjoy the few little decorations I was able to put out this year.  Perhaps next year, when our little pixie is old enough to “know better” I will have a larger display to share!  Anyway, welcome…this is obviously our front door. 


Would thou please excuse the blurriness, and also the lights that did not light up.  There is a blown fuse, according to The Man.  Whatever.  I just know they aren’t lit.  (Those little lights, they aren’t twinkling…)  That wreath is made entirely of pine cones, and tied with a winter white satin ribbon.  I got it at Target 2 years ago for about $30.  (I added the fancy schmancy ribbon because I’m clever like that).


This is a lovely little arrangement that I put together for our kitchen table.  I runs almost the length of the table, and it is terribly annoying to eat around.  But it sure is pretty when you turn out the lights and the candles are lit.

Here is our mantle.  I love this mantle.  There is a little collection of santas which you can’t see because of my artistic camera angle, and a trifle bowl filled with sparkley glass ornaments which you can’t see because of my artistic camera angle.  I made the garland…it has hydrangea, which you also can’t see because of my artistic camera angle, pine cones, fruits, some sparkley grapes and these gold spirally twigs.  I know spirally is not a word.  Oh, and there are lights.  The candles are there year round.  I love those candles. 


Directly to the right of the mantle is our photo wall…finally pretty much completed.  I may add a few photos from time to time, but for the most part, we’ve got what we want there.  For now.  Now back to the subject…I put some greenery on the shelves, and a few frosted glass ornaments to dress that display up.  Ignore the spacing of the frames…it looks off due to the artistic photography. 


In my dining room is one of my very favorite Christmas decorations…the creche made for me by my aunt, in memory of my grandmother.  Each year I buy a new piece to add to the display.  Haven’t figured out what to get this year…maybe I should get right on that, considering Christmas is 9 days away. 


Of course, here is our little elf friend, Buddy.  Yes, he is named Buddy after the elf in “Elf.”  We are that original.  He appears the day after Thanksgiving and every night he flies back to the North Pole to report what he has seen to Santa, and returns to our home with a new hiding spot each morning.  The first thing the kids do in the morning is try to find him.  Then, they all fight over who saw him first.  Good times.


And finally, our tree…


Here is a close up of our angel…I bought her because I loved her face.  Isn’t she pretty?


One note…  Do you notice how the bottom of the tree has no ornaments?  Mm-hmm.  Want to hazard a guess as to why?  Mm-hmm.



She just can’t help herself.


Ella, you’re not touching the tree, are you?

“Who, me?  Touch the tree?  Let me just distract you with my cutie pie smile…”


Merry Christmas!