What She Does All Day

Just so we’re clear before I start this, I do feed her.  Moving right along…

After breakfast today, I was cleaning up.  In the amount of time it took me to wipe down Ella’s tray, load the two dishes into the dishwasher, and put a load of laundry into the dryer, she had apparently become hungry.  Even though she had just eaten breakfast.  Five minutes earlier.  This is what I found…




She does this routinely.  Mommy?  Who needs her! 

So I let her eat what she had put in the bowl, and then I cleaned it all up so we could head out the door to run some errands.  I put on her poncho, and decided I should make a quick potty run before we left.  Here is what I found when I returned less than 1 minute later…


Seriously?  In less than one minute she had time to get the Cheerio box, take the bag out, bring it to the family room, grab a handful and fill up her bowl? 

And, so, I cleaned all that up again (can you begin to understand why nothing gets done around here?).  Anyhoo, we left to run our errands, and then returned home. 

I got Ella out of the car and brought her inside, took off her poncho and returned to the garage to unload the groceries.  You’ll never guess what I found when I got back inside…



Really?  You’re that hungry Ella?

I decided to just watch for a while.  Because it was entertaining. 

Can you tell I don’t get out much? 

She tried some Ritz next. 




It’s no wonder she never eats lunch.


What She Does All Day

16 thoughts on “What She Does All Day

  1. I LOVE your pics! In the first one she looks so composed, and in the last, so adorable that I want to grab those cute little bubble cheeks!

    And count yourself lucky. She eats FRESH food, in a BOWL.

    When my boys were all smaller and my housekeeping skills were nearly squeezed out of existence, I’d be horrified to walk into the kitchen and find them lurking like bottom feeders, under the kitchen table, eating what they’d dropped at the previous meal.

    Oh the SHAME!

  2. Well, if she wasn’t so darn CUTE I could see you getting tired of cleaning up and all, but who can resist that FACE!! She can come to my house and eat all the Cheerios and Ritz she wants…Lucy will clean up the crumbs for her.

    Seriously, with the cheeks and the red hair, she’s got the cuteness working on overtime!

  3. La says:

    It just hit me a couple of days ago that the house we’re about to move into has a pantry with cabinet type doors and not a door with a door knob that I can lock. My 2 year old and 10 month are about to have a hay day! I’ll probably have to keep toys in that cabinet and use a higher one for food. Sigh…..

    Isn’t it funny how, as blogger moms, it doesn’t matter what our kids get into – we always run for the camera first! hahaha

  4. I like how the hair band is mysteriously gone after coming home from your errands.

    She is so independent…getting to be such a big girl. At least she can make a meal for herself. I think Santa should bring some plastic food – can you imagine the meals she could make?

  5. Oh my goodness. That face is oh so very squeezable. It’s no wonder you can’t get any more than I can done around the house. And not just because she pulls Cheerios and Ritz out of the pantry all day. How can you resist just snuggling up with her cute little self all day long?!

  6. Toni says:

    Oh my gosh is she ever adorable…how hilarious! I too was cracking up at the fact that you had the camera so readily available and snapped so many good shots. The last one is the kicker of them all! Such a sweetie! :O)

  7. What a sweet little pixie your girl is. She does eat in a bowl, so all things considered (cheerios considered, that one can so conveniently throw around without anybody ever finding them again), that’s a good thing.

  8. You have a pantry thief on your hands! (But she’s a cute one!)

    My boys do the same thing…although their not as clean about it. They normally end up with their snack scattered from one end of the house to the other!

  9. that gorgeous, gorgeous red sparkly hair! I don’t think she’s hungry … she’s hosting her own little cooking show. Sampling as she goes along, no less … 😉

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