More Tidbits, ‘Cause That’s All I Got

william-devilish-grin-nst11.  Still having lunch issues.  The boy came home, again, with a sticker –see that little sticker on his shirt?–that said it was his last meal ticket.  What?  WHAT?  I put fifty bucks in his account on November 14th.  So I log in to his account.  Well, you know, first we had the ice cream issue.  Then we had the breakfast issue.  Now we have the fruit/vegetable issue.  He has been supplementing his bag lunch every day with a little something from the fruit/vegetable counter.  “It’s healthy,” he says.  How do I argue that point?  Do I argue it at all? 

2.  The kids are learning Spanish in school.  So The Man was helping Henry learn his numbers in Spanish.  He was doing alright until we got to quatro, which came out of Henry’s mouth as “crotch fro.”  I kid you not.  Now, we do not ever laugh at things he says in front of him, because that would be just plain cruel.  However, there are a few things that have come out of his mouth that we have howled over behind closed doors, and crotch fro is one of them…  Seriously, that is just plain funny.

3.  Reminder to self for 2009 Christmas Shopping:  Don’t bring Ella.  And that’s all I’m gonna say ’bout that.  Thank you.

maple-syrup-pitcher4.  Okay, here is a little nugget that is going to illustrate my neurosis really nicely for you.  We have this maple syrup pitcher.  We got it as a wedding gift from someone, I think.  This thing is the bane of my existence.  I hate it.  Okay, hate might be a bit much.  But I STRONGLY dislike it.  I don’t know why, I really don’t.  When I see that pitcher out, my shoulders go up and I begin muttering to myself about how it is going to accidentally get broken one day.  The Man insists on using it (he had no idea that I hate that thing until now).  Do you know what I do?  When The Man is making waffles or pancakes, I hurry up and pour the syrup straight out of the bottle onto the food before he can heat it up in that pitcher.  Because I’m mature like that.

5.  Henry informed me that while they were at the store, he and Daddy bought some cherries.  I thought he meant like, fresh, yummy cherries that are not a scary unnatural color.  No.  He bought marachino cherries, that *are* a scary unnatural color.  Henry said they were for the ice cream.  So naturally I assumed that ice cream was also purchased during this excursion.  No.  There was no ice cream.  This ice cream oversight bothered me so much, I asked him why he bought the cherries when he got home.    And The Man said “in case we have ice cream.”  Wha?  Doesn’t logic dictate that if you are out at the store, and you buy cherries to put on ice cream, but you don’t have any ice cream at home, that you would naturally just buy some ice cream when you buy the cherries?  Am I crazy here?

6.  The Man is at the store buying some mint m&ms (thank you Jenny) as we speak.  It is 9:38pm.  Yes, he *is* The Man.

7.  I’m updating now, because I took a little break there to eat half a bag of those m&ms.  Okay, so I went back and posted a picture of that little pitcher, and now I feel guilty.  I feel guilty for strongly disliking the pitcher.  Doesn’t the pitcher look sad to you?  Good golly I’ve got some problems. 

Nighty night y’all.

More Tidbits, ‘Cause That’s All I Got

7 thoughts on “More Tidbits, ‘Cause That’s All I Got

  1. LOL on “crotch fro” — now 4 will never be the same for me again. Makes me giggle…yeah I’m mature too!

    I love that I use “don’t care for” or “dislike” now. Thanks to Kate and you. I remember when she first used it. I asked her about a vegetable or something and she told me that she “didn’t care for it”. Just seems so polite.

    Aren’t those m&ms the best? They’re my downfall. You can’t stop at one, two or even crotch fro, you have to eat the whole bag. Did you notice that this holiday bag does not seem as big (or as plentiful) as the regular m&ms?

  2. Wow. Good thing I didn’t have my mouth full… “crotch fro”? No, I’m not even GOING there!

    And the lunch issues. Okay, expensive, but if he’s eating something God made (fruits and veggies) as opposed to man-made (twinkies and cheetohs) I’m all for it :0)

  3. Maybe you can pack him fruits and veggies so he doesn’t blow through so much money? Or tell him he can supplement his lunch a certain number of times a week and that’s it.

    I LOVE the “crotch fro” ROFL

    You can send the pitcher to me (it’s cute!)

    And I would have FOR SURE made sure there was ice cream in my shopping cart…matter of fact, I would have just skipped the cherries altogether and gone straight for the ice cream! LOL

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