Warm Brownie Anyone?

Well, Lisa @ Take90West suckered me into posting pictures of my humble abode.  The kitchen’s new paint job, to be specific.  Now, interestingly, the color we chose was actually suggested by my husband.  Usually when he starts his sentences off with “What do you think about…” I immediately begin thinking of a kind way to let him down easily, because whatever he is about to offer I’m probably not going to like.  Is that mean?  I’m sorry Mr. Man, but it’s true. 

But when he suggested we go with chocolate brown for our kitchen, I actually had to pause…because I rather liked the idea. 

First, let me offer the inspiration for the Warm Brownie color:


That chair.  The walls in the family room, which adjoins the kitchen, are called Martini Olive.  Because I’m all about the food. 

The chair picks up a lot of the green from the walls.  We wanted to try to tie the kitchen in with the family room.  Here is a tiny little nook in our kitchen:



I took one picture of this nook.

I then removed the hideous white plastic toaster.

And the crumb trail it left.

Then I took some more pictures.  Which you see here.

And by the way, I cannot stand those white outlets.  The Man says it is ‘white trashy’ to paint them.  Please, I need advice on this.  I cannot believe that for the last twelve years I have taken advice on this from a man.  A straight man I mean. 

Moving right along…


Here is another little nook in our kitchen.  The interesting thing about this picture (other than the fact that I had to crop out the laundry hanging on the stair rail) is that the room is only half painted, and you can’t even tell.   

It makes me wonder why we bothered. 

If you look past the double oven there, that dark strip on the wall is actually red.  The wall above the cooktop and by the stairs there is the warm brownie color.   Funny, huh? 

It’s all in the subtle details, people. 

Anyway, The Man promised that tonight he is going to spend a few hours finishing.  Yay!

So here are the two rooms together…please ignore the half finished photo wall there.  I’ve got the pictures, I need to find the right frames.  Why does that take so long for me?  I don’t know why I can’t just get a bunch of frames and finish the job.  I obsess over the details.


I think it works together.  And for the record, that chair is so much nicer in person…I look at it in the pictures and it’s kind of gaudy.  But in person, it is as lovely as can be. 

Here’s another view, because I like it:


Okay, I have to go now.  Time to put all of the junk back onto the counters that I took off so that I could take all these pictures and show the world how tidy I am.

Warm Brownie Anyone?

16 thoughts on “Warm Brownie Anyone?

  1. Looks great! Now you need to have a party to celebrate!

    I think you should splurge on some stainless steel outlet covers (home depot has them) if the white covers bother you. Then that will get you closer to the stainless steel appliances. Always thinking…

  2. If you knew me any better, you would LAUGH (scoff even) at the hilarity of what I am about to say.

    Me. Who has a house full of BLANK WALLS even after 3 1/2 years.

    What do you think about stainless electrical outlet covers in the kitchen.


    LOVE the green in the family room.

  3. I LOVE it! I really mean that. And I love the green, that color is awesome! I found just the place today where I can get my own little bit of chocolate wall in. After Thanksgiving, of course. Of course. Not even I am crazy enough to start it now.

    I agree with the other commenters, go to the Depot of Lowe’s and get some stainless steel wallplates. Your kitchen looks just like mine and there is a tacky white outlet plate every 2 feet along the counter. So at that rate, you’ll only need about bout 17 new plates. Pricey, and that is why mine are still white.

    Thanks for showing me!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Don’t get too fancy (or find a fun room, less put together than the kitchen) and go with…am I really going to say this…a VT outlet cover. We have a WVU one and a Steeler one – totally out of place right now, but they looked great in our Football basement :)….it would be a nice conversation piece at the very least :).

  5. marcy says:

    LOVE IT! Looks really nice with the family room. Great photos for everything. The chair looks good in the picture, but you are right, it is even better in person.

    hmmm..tell your Man I have tacky painted outlet covers. I priced some new ones and was too cheap to buy them. Especially because some of them are triple and other weird combinations

  6. LOVE this, and I love how your walls are all “food related”. I told someone the other day “I just love food.” Ha. 🙂

    And when I read your post I immediately thought, “Oh, she could get some stainless steel or pewter outlet covers.” Then I read all your comments and realized how unoriginal I am. 🙂

    Hope you and yours had a happy Thanksgiving. We’re heading out to get pizza w/ my hubby’s family. Sick of turkey already.

  7. Great color combination! We have a similar color in our living room but it is called Jungle River. When I called Home depot to see if they carried it I aske the lady is she had “Jungle Fever!” Big oops! 🙂

  8. oh my gosh! I hadn’t noticed before but the outlet covers … what do you do? If you paint or wallpaper them, there’s still the little plug part that would be white. If you bought a darker outlet cover, same problem. Well, they are the marshmallows topping the warm brownie walls. You meant it to be that way! Your home is lovely … 🙂

  9. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH! I LOVE the green! LOVE it so much! Can I copy it? I think I would like to make the living room the chocolate brown and the kitchen green. Such fabulous colors. How many coats did you have to do.

    My man doesn’t even make suggestions. He just rolls his eyes when I say we MUST get color and says “How much will it cost me?” For real : ).

    Your house is super beautiful and clean. I could not post pictures of my kitchen right now. It’s a hazard! EEEKKKK. So I really should go clean it instead of talking to you via blogs!

  10. The colors look great Kristen. I guess you’ll have to listen to Mr. Man more often.

    One word of caution on those stainless steel covers though. Even if you replace the plate the actual outlet itself will need to be changed over too. Or it will look really silly. Worse than white.

    My cousin is an electrician and she changed mine over in our first house. My totally un-handy, computer geek husband has done it before too though. I bet Mr. Man could do yours.

  11. I LOVE IT! When I started reading that you’d painted the kitchen brown I was prepared to see something really awful. I couldnt believe how wonderful it is. Beee-u-ti-ful. And I love the chair too! It’s the perfect tie-in between the two rooms. (yeah, those white outlets do kinda stand out dont they?)

    Thanks for sharing!

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