How Much Eggplant Can You Buy With $500?

This photo was taken during our family stay-cation here in the ‘burg.  Daddy made yummy eggplant parmesan for supper, and Ella devoured it.  Her siblings did not share her enthusiasm.  But that’s beside the point.  Here she is, after thoroughly enjoying a meal made by her daddy…


We spent a good long while cleaning her up in the tub.  And then we spent a good long while scrubbing the tomato ring from the tub, too.  But I digress.  The point of all this is that this picture is a finalist in the “Prego Fun With Food Contest” over at 5 Minutes For Mom.  The wonderful people over at Prego will supply the winner with a $500 grocery card for a store in our area.  There are some really cute pictures over there.  PUH-LEEEASE, get your little typing fingers over to 5 Minutes For Mom and vote!  For Ella.  She’s #1.  Coincidence?  I’m just sayin’…    

And feel free to spread the word.  I could use $500…eggplant is pricey these days.

How Much Eggplant Can You Buy With $500?

8 thoughts on “How Much Eggplant Can You Buy With $500?

  1. Toni says:

    Well, I voted for Ella! I feel it should be a picture of actual SAUCE that wins..forget the brownies and chocolate batter and whatever else those kids are eating…oatmeal all over the face??? Who cares, Ella should win hands down for goodness sake, it is a PREGO contest! I hope you win, that picture is classic and one of my favorites of that cutie little gal of yours! Good luck!

  2. insertgracehere says:

    Well, I will just hop on over there…I read your interview with THAT Mama and LOOOVVED it! The raw honesty….the eloquence….you totally rock!

    So I’m browsing the blog….and I’ll hop on over to 5 min to vote…

    Many blessings,

    Rena Gunther

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