Because I’m So Kreative…

Jen at Our Daily Bigtop gave me this award…


I am very thankful to Jen.  Just for the record, it is just a bit awkward for me to call her Jen.  I call her Jenny.  So from now on, she shall be called Jenny, but you’ll know that I mean Jen.  Soooo…  Jenny gave me this nice award.  Thanks Jenny!

Okay, so the idea is that now I shall name 6 things that make me happy, and then pass the award on to 6 other Kreative bloggers.  I gotta tell you, as I was writing, the happy things were just bubbling over in my mind.  Apparently it doesn’t take much to make me happy.  That’s a good thing, right?! 

1.  In case you didn’t know it already, my family is the number one thing that makes me happy.  Especially when they’re asleep.  Kidding.  Yeah, they make me happy.  Very happy.  What they say, what they do, how innocent they still are.  How inquisitive and curious they are.  How happy they are.  How their eyes shine when they tell stories or silly jokes that make no sense.  And the man who comes home to me every night.  And how each night he prepares the coffee to brew at 4:55 so that every morning at 5:00am there is fresh coffee, a mug and a spoon waiting for me. 



img_51882.  My house.  My home.  We have beautiful trees.  We have lots of wildlife.  We have wonderful neighbors and friends.  It is warm, and bright and comfortable.  It has all of our memories.  All of the things we have collected over the last 12 years.  The things we have built together.  I love it’s sounds…the garage door opening…the bluebird pecking on the kitchen window…the deck door in the summer…the footsteps on the hardwood floors…the fan in the convection oven…the baths being poured…even the awfully loud dishwasher.   

3.  The autumn air.  The little puffs of wood smoke, the swirl of fallen leaves in the wind, and the crispness of the frost.  It puts a smile on my face every.single.time.

4.  Supper cooking.  The other day I was cooking potato soup for supper, and had a minute so I went and threw some laundry in the wash.  When I rounded the corner to the kitchen and heard the potatoes gently boiling, and the bacon sizzling on the stove, I am not kidding you I felt this little happy feeling in my heart.  What a pleasure it was to be cooking supper for my family. 

5.  Wine.  Oh, I kid.  Although if I’m being honest, it does make me happy.  But I wouldn’t put it in my top 6.  Probably not anyway.  Holiday foods make me happy.  Thinking about them, planning them, shopping for them, making them, eating them.  Yeah, let’s not forget the eating part.  In a few days I will sit down and go over my elaborate menu plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and begin the shopping.  And I can’t wait. 

6.  Christmas movies.  Yeah, sorry.  I look forward to this all year long.  It is–by far–my favorite holiday, and I’d say Thanksgiving is 2nd, so this is just the hap-hap-happiest time of the year for me (except for all of the colds and viruses and flus).  Last year I would watch Christmas movies every evening while I wrote and addressed Christmas cards.  I would have a glass of mulled wine, snuggle up in a blanket and write cards while something senitmental played on the tv.  Except one night I watched the Elephant Man.  That was just disturbing and sad. 

I actually started writing a seventh, and then realized I’m only allowed 6.  Just fyi, it was scents…scents of lavendar, cinnamon and orange.  They always, always make me smile.

So now I pay it forward to six other bloggers that I think are so Kreative.  Well, since I’m so Kreative, I’m going to change that up a bit, and just name one…  Drumroll please…

Beachy Mimi.  Yes, she’s the one!  The BM makes me laugh constantly with her, how shall I say, things-we-don’t-talk-about-in-mixed-company.  So there you have it.

Because I’m So Kreative…

7 thoughts on “Because I’m So Kreative…

  1. oh this brings back memories … I remember when I would visit home my dad would still program the coffee for mom, so it would be ready bright and early just like she liked it. Her mug out, handle turned just so. Spoon nearby. Just the right portion of ground coffee — the last aroma lingering in the kitchen before everyone turned in for the night. He fussed over it so every detail would be a reminder of how much he loved her (and his apology for always being such a night owl!).

  2. Jen…Jenny here. I’m always keeping people guessing 🙂

    Great list of happy things although cooking dinner is not always happy for me especially when the kids are cranky. My kind of dinner is dinner out (on the rare occasion that happens).

    Congrats on being Kreative – you deserve it!

  3. I love all of your favorite things! They would be my favorite things too : ). Almost exactly. I don’t know how to make potato soup though. It sounds scrumptious! Hope your week is filled with wonder!

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