For Your Reading Pleasure

1.  You mothers of growing boys will understand this one…

The kids each have their own lunch account at school, into which I deposit money every couple of months for their lunches at school.  I can log into their accounts to see what they are buying, whether it is milk, lunch, ice cream or whatever.  After the first month of school, William came to me and told me that his account was low and I needed to put more funds in it for him.  I didn’t understand how it could be so low when I had just put the money in.  So I logged in.  Well, well, well.  What have we here but a whole lotta ice cream being purchased.  And so I put the freeze on that real quick let-me-tell-you-what. 

Again, last month I deposited money into William’s account.  He came to me yesterday with a note from school that said his account was drained again.  Impossible, I declared.  They’ve got the wrong kid.  I just put money in his account.  I logged in again.  Do you want to know what he was doing?  He and his cohorts were getting to school each day, heading to the cafeteria, buying themselves a little plate of pancakes & sausage or cinnamon buns and taking it to class to have a little topper-offer before the start of the school day.   

It’s not like we don’t feed the kid before he leaves before school.  He eats a full breakfast, and then heads to school an hour later and eats again.  He brings a snack to school for after lunch, and he is continuously hungry from 3:15 when he steps off the bus until he falls asleep at night.  His metabolism is like that of a hummingbird.  And his activity level, for that matter, too. 

The boy is only 6.  He weighs about 45 pounds.  I don’t know where he’s puttin’ it.  I really don’t.


2.  My husband has a few (hundred) grays around the temples. I can no longer say that I have not fallen to a similar fate.  I found one (emphasis on the one part).  A gray hair.




On my head.  On MY head.

This came on the day after election day.  Coincidence?

I think not my friends. I think not.


3. Overheard in my house yesterday–“Mom, can you leave this laundry here in the chair today so we can fold it for you when we get home from school?”  The next thing I remember was waking up when my head hit the floor.  In all seriousness, he is such a sweet boy.  He loves to help his mom with everything.


4.  Ella donned her apron and helped me cook supper the other day. 


Yes, it does say “dam good cook.”  It’s from a cruise line.   Something about all the dam places in Holland. 

Don’t worry, we don’t try not to curse ’round here.  And no negative comments please.  She can’t read.


5.  One more picture of Henry in the leaves.  ‘Cause he’s so dam darn cute…




For Your Reading Pleasure

9 thoughts on “For Your Reading Pleasure

  1. Marcy says:

    1- I have to laugh here because I busted my 11 year old doing the same thing. William is just a head of his time. Gotta love being able to log into their accounts. That reminds me I need to check said 11 year olds account…..

    2- sorry about the gray hair. Highlighting is my friend 🙂 You have light hair so you should be good for a bit. Why do men look distinguished with gray hair and women just look…….. You fill in the blank.

    3- now you can’t be mad at him for the crime he committed in Item #1.

    4- she is such a little beauty. And I love that apron. Cussing?? I don’t hear no cussin…..

    5- great picture, as usual. You have quite the eye my friend. And a nice looking group of subjects.

    6- oh wait…you don’t have a 6..but I do. I got laid off on Tuesday. Woohoo. Tomorrow is my last day. Let’s get together soon! It just has to be free.

    Miss you my friend.

  2. That William… I had no idea the kids could get breakfast. I’m surprised it doesn’t break out breakfast as a separate line item.

    I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for you and your ONE gray hair. I have multiple gray hairs and with dark hair, they’re sooo obvious.

    Ella and her dam apron…have the kids asked what a dam good cook means? LOL.

    You should put together a collage of Henry’s pictures – they are just too cute for words.

  3. As the mom of three boys, I warn you. Either go ahead and have the paycheck deposited directly into the lunch account or start sending lunch with him. 🙂

    One of my twins did the same thing. Sucked all his lunch money out in a few days and then, somehow, got the school to use twin brothers money for him, too. I make him pack lunch now. Not in a regular lunch box, but in a thing designed to hold and six pack! And he’s the tallest, skinniest kid I know.

  4. SO sweet! He wanted to help with laundry? That is a beautiful thing : )! All of the kids are adorable. I am glad you have your happy family! I am glad the dam people in Holland have happy families too : )

  5. My kids are bottomless pits too. Always, always, ALWAYS hungry! I couldn’t do the lunch account thing because my redhead would be sneakin’ into the cafeteria before school every morning too!

    Gray hair? Hmmm. Look on the bright side. Gray hair is better than no hair, yes?

    And lastly, you are right. Henry is so darn cute. And Ella isn’t too shabby herself. Dam apron and all!

  6. This reminds me – we MUST get a picture of our little Henry in the fall leaves, before it’s too late! Oh, geez, it might be too late. Snow fell today! Yikes, I pray for one more sunny fall day – Please!

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