Losing a Tooth

This experience was far different from our previous tooth-losing experiences.  Kate will let those teeth dangle, and I do mean dangle, for days.  She is ever so careful not to tear that last thread that will earn her a visit from the tooth fairy. 

William, well, he came to me one morning late last week, with a tooth that was quite loose, but not on the verge of falling out.  This is the first I had heard that his tooth was loose.  Off to school he went, and upon his return he stated “This tooth has got to come out now.”  He walked into the bathroon, and emerged 30 seconds later with a bloody tissue and a toothless smile.  He was so happy, and I was so proud of my little boy.


The reminders around me remain, unbroken.  They are growing up.  Way.  Too.  Fast.

Losing a Tooth

4 thoughts on “Losing a Tooth

  1. Toni says:

    Yay for him….my five year old is checking her tooth daily to see if it’s getting wiggly at all…..we shall see as time goes on…..getting more expensive to have a tooth fairy visit TWO children! Yikes!

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