Not the Greatest Day

It started out the same.  Wake up at early o’clock.  Grumpy.  And still sick.  An hour later, the man comes down and tells me that there is no food.  So there’s another errand I need to run today.  I’ll just add it to the list of unaccomplishable things. 

After the man escaped to his nice, long, 45 minute commute-of-happiness-and-quiet in a seated position with a hot cup of coffee, William was in a mood.  Didn’t want to wear his cub scout uniform to school today.  It was “wear your uniform all day” day, so I said he should wear it.  At the bus stop, he proceeded to hang all over me and pull on my clothes, out of nervousness I think (because holy mackerel he might be the only one wearing his uniform).  When I warned him to stop or I would leave, and he didn’t take me seriously, I walked off.  I gave Kate a kiss goodbye and I just left him and Kate there.  There were lots of other moms and kids around, I’m sure they were witnessing the entire thing.  Not that it was that big a deal.  But anyway.  I stood in my driveway and watched them get on the bus and watched that bus drive away and I felt awful.  

I just burst into tears that needed to be cried for a few days now.  All of the stress and frustration of the last week, the exhaustion, the colds, they just finally got to me. 

Then I went inside and looked for something junky to eat.  Because that will help me to feel better, right?  So since we have no food, I grabbed the trail mix and picked out all of the m&ms.  Oh yes I did.  Just like I tell the kids they’re not allowed to do.  And then I ate a handful of junior mints.  Those are only good in moderation. 

Things improved for a while after that.  Ella and I ran a couple of errands, and I actually went to see the doctor.  The real kind.  Not the Queen B kind.  And they asked me why I waited so long to come in. 

You see, here’s what gets me about doctors.  If you don’t wait long enough, they act like you’re wasting their time, and you’re overreacting.  And if you wait too long, they act like you’re an idiot for waiting so long.  Now, okay, I’ll give you that seven weeks is a little too long to wait.  But it’s not exactly like I have a whole huge amount of time with which to do as I please.  No.  I have like a 2 hour window of time, 3 days each week, in which I can make a visit to the doctor.  And that is in lieu of another errand I must run, such as grocery shopping.  So you can see that today, I opted for a doctor-visit instead of groceries.  And now we are still foodless. 

Moving right along.  I picked up Henry, picked up my prescription, and made the fatal error of telling Henry not to let Ella fall asleep on the way home.  She fell asleep.  Goodie.  So naptime was a little tricky.

Then the other two got home. 

And so began the whole ordeal of snack, homework, bathroom, changing into baseball stuff, don’t wake up the baby, stop whining, etc.  That can just really take it out of you, let me tell you.  Not that there was that much left to take out at that point.  Kate, bless her heart, she knows when Mommy is grumpy and she was a sweet little angel today. 

Then to top it all off, I’ve got a swollen taste bud on my tongue.  Those things are the worst.  And there is just pretty much nothing you can do about it.  And there is nothing more to say about that.

And really I’m tired of complaining, so I’m going to go, take my medicines, and go to bed.  Tomorrow will most surely be a better day.

Not the Greatest Day

8 thoughts on “Not the Greatest Day

  1. I feel for you. I have been there and I know it just feels like the week will never end. Or that you all will just never be better. Times like that are so hard to get through and there is just no good advice to give except to say I totally understand.
    Hang in there. I hope you can only do what absolutely needs to get done for the next day…everything else will be waiting for you when you feel better.

  2. Oh gosh. If I lived near you I’d pick up some groceries for you and bring you some chicken soup. 🙂 Days like this are so, so hard, and sometimes it just feels good to have the breakdown you need.

    Hope you’re soon back to full strength.

  3. Toni says:

    Hang in there…we’ve ALL had those moments, where we yell at our kids and feel awful about it later, where we spread ourselves too thin…nothing wrong with having sandwiches or soup for dinner I say…I also know EXACTLY how the swollen tastebud thing…it SUCKS…as bad as a canker sore in your mouth, just awful and you have my complete and total sympathy as I get those far too often…I’ve been told they appear due to stress. Hang in there and feel better soon! :O)

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I totally and completely understand what you mean about Doctors. It drives me CRAZY! I always feel like an idiot, no matter when I go in. Early or Late; the Dr. makes me feel like an IDIOT! I hope your weekend is filled with rest and lots of love! : ).

  5. Ooooo, my sympathies.

    Older women always look at us, with our young kids, and say, “Enjoy every minute of it, because the years fly by!” And they do…


    Hope the next few are better,


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