Issue #3, Tidbits of Me

I’m here again with little of the magnitude that would warrant an entire post, but a couple of interesting little things…

1.  I went shopping for jeans the other day.  It has literally been years since I’ve had a pair of jeans that fits and is flattering.  Jeans are, like, my favorite wardrobe item.  So it has been a difficult time in the jeans department.  Okay, so went to the GAP, where they have a style called curvey.  And I found a size 0 (as in ZERO) in curvey.  Curvey size zero.  Isn’t that an oxymoron?  Oh, and no, that’s not my size.

2.  Remember the frog?  His new name is Beanstix.  Not as original as you might think.  Eight years ago we were given a baby toy and it’s name was Beanstix Fwoggy.  I never liked the “fwoggy” part, because I didn’t think they should be encouraging children to mispronounce words.  Miss high and mighty was I.  Anywho, so beanstix it is.  And incidentally, beanstix had  a little friend out there yesterday.  S/he was gray.  Can’t find the friend today.  Interestingly, did you know there is no sexual dimorphism in Gray Tree Frogs?  Me neither.  (I had to look that up).  I was trying to figure out the sex, or gender, or whatever, of the frog in order to choose an appropriate name for him/her.  I am beginning to feel slightly unnerved by my attachment to this frog…

3.  Still have the cold…it is evolving.  Not really getting better, not really getting worse.  I tried some homeopathic stuff this weekend.  You know, like apple cider vinegar, honey and water; and honey with cinnamon.  Yeah, it didn’t really work.  But I came across one idea that you could — don’t read this while you’re eating — put four drops of urine under your tongue to cure a sore throat.  Um, I think I’d rather have the sore throat, thanks.  The comment was, “it won’t hurt you, it comes from your body!”  Yeah, well, so do a lot of other lovely things come from my body and I’m not going to be putting them under my tongue thankyouverymuch. 

4.  We made caramel apples this weekend…aren’t they pretty?  

This took a while to do.  You know, there were a lot of steps.  But it was worth it…they were really good!

5.  Started reading Anne of Green Gables.  I have never read this before.  Can you believe I’ve never read AOGG?!  I am seriously cracking up while I read it!  The drama of this little girl…very amusing.  Thank you CityStreams (I know–you gave it to me months ago…)!

6.  How does this sound for a toddler breakfast:  Cheerios, orange juice and brussels sprouts.  I know, I know.  I made brussels sprouts with a creamy tarragon-mustard sauce last night to go with our roasted chicken wrapped in bacon.  Oh yes I did make it and oh yes it WAS GOOD.  Okay, so there were a few sprouts leftover and I heated them up to eat this morning. Because I love leftover supper for breakfast.  (Hey–it’s better than some of my previous choices).  Last night, Ella spat them at me and proclaimed them “a vile weed.”  (I’m paraphrasing.  Some of her disgust is lost in the translation.)  This morning she couldn’t get enough.  Of *my* brussels sprouts.  Seriously, I didn’t want to share, but felt it was necessary to take advantage of the opportunity to feed her something green.  Incidentally, William loves them, too, and Henry tolerates them.  Kate, well, she didn’t throw up.  

7.  Last but not least, the man and I had chinese food on Sunday for our dinner date (we try to have dinner alone once a week).  So here are our fortunes:

Me:  You are sociable and entertaining.   

The Man:  An angry man opens his mouth and shuts up his eyes. 

I laughed out loud at that one. 

And that about sums it up, I guess.

Issue #3, Tidbits of Me

7 thoughts on “Issue #3, Tidbits of Me

  1. So sorry your cold is hanging on! The caramel apples are too awesome to eat! I made apple pie last week, posted on how to make it. It’s the perfect time for homemade apple pie. Talk about curvey size zero … NOT. So frogs and brussel sprouts for breakfast? Ok. let me re-phrase that. Frogs were not on the breakfast menu – especially your little dimorphie whatever froggie. Things seem pretty normal around here … 🙂 Take care!

  2. You are one busy lady! Leave it to Miss Ella to come up with such a unique breakfast. She’s always changing things up. Feel better soon & get a neti pot! I’d let you borrow ours but think that’s along the same lines of drinking your own pee. 🙂

  3. I was grossed out by the home method that you didn’t choose. But then I read brussel sprouts for breakfast and that kinda grossed me out more 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling better! Dang cold!

  4. Brussels sprouts for breakfast? Why not? I lived in Australia for a year and people would commonly heat up last night’s leftovers and eat them on buttered toast for breakfast :0)

    Sorry about your cold.

    If it makes you feel any better, I DID go get my sore throat checked, and…..

    I’ll be having my tonsils out, on Halloween. UGH!


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