Meet Jellycat. 

Okay, I guess I did introduce him before, with regard to the throwup.







Well, here he is again, this time enveloped in a snuggle.  She loves this cat.  She carries him around under her arm, or sometimes drags him by the tail.  He doesn’t mind.  And she likes that about him.

She likes him because he smells good. 

Because he’s soft.  Because he’s snuggly. 

She likes him because he is her comfort. 

The other day (the day after the aforementioned throwup) she carried him around all day.  It was the first time I could remember her really doing that…really being attached to something.  She dragged him around the kitchen.  She remarked at their reflection in the dishwasher.  She held him under one arm while she wiped the floor with the other (gotta get ’em started early y’all).  She inspected crumbs on the floor with Jellycat.  She dropped him on the floor, and laid down with him and sighed.  It was the “I love you jellycat” sigh.  It was precious. 

 I’m glad she has a lovey.  And I’m glad it’s Jellycat.  I like him, too. 



9 thoughts on “Jellycat

  1. Toni says:

    OMG…beautiful pictures! How did Jellycat get his name?? Loveys are the BEST, my daughter has three lovey blankies that get “changed up” whenever her sheets get washed and she’s ALWAYS sleeping with a baby doll or her kitty…which she usually always swaddles one of them to snuggle next to…so cute! Even my son who is 10 has little lovey blankies that he likes to rub the tag on since they are “soft” to him. By the way, sorry your weekend didn’t go as planned. Our vacation in July with two cranky kids was kind of like that…here’s hoping it will be better next year!

  2. Awww!!! None of my kids have a lovey but I think that is the cutest thing ever! I used to have one! His name was sadface (because I think I thought he looked sad!) I loved him and still have him. Jellycat is adorable!

  3. My daughter never had a Jellycat. But with fabulous pictures like yours, I kinda wish she did.

    (Came across you from Jen@OurDailyBigTop’s site. Just visiting to say hello!)

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