Delusional.  I think that is an appropriate word for my state of mind at the time I planned this trip.  What ever possessed me, I’ll never know.  Other people go to football games with their kids, right?  And they have fun, right?  I figured we could do it, too.  But then, I forgot that we’re not really so much like all the other families.  We have applied for membership in THAT family tree society.

We (really me, because much as he’d like to, the man just never really gets around to the planning part of things.  So if you want to do something, you pretty much have to plan the entire thing out for yourself.  But I digress…) planned this trip to Virginia Tech for homecoming weekend.  We had tickets to the game.  We had a cabin for the weekend about 30 minutes away, and my parents had their own cabin just a short walk away.  And the weather was going to be absolutely beautiful.  And it was filet Friday.  (as in filet mignon.  Prepared by my parents.  All I had to do was eat.)

The view from our cabin was nothing short of beautiful:

The weather was perfect.  PERFECT. 

And that’s pretty much where the fun stopped. 

Ella was sick.  Ella was fussy.  Ella was unmanageable.  Ella is always headstrong and I just really don’t know where she gets that.  At all. 

We got to the tailgate.  I didn’t plan on taking her to the game, because I’m not that stupid.  But I did plan on having a beer and eating some chili and enjoying the beautiful weather and the buildings made of Hokie stone, and watching all of the fans dressed in orange & maroon and smelling the bbq, and spending time like we used to, years ago, and just.plain.being.there. 


I was there long enough to put tattoos on the children, take a few snapshots, and realize that Ella wanted no part of anything fun.  She walked around fussing, and when you’d try to pick her up, she’d do that back-arching thing they do that is really frustrating.  She was just miserable. 



I left and had a pity party for one on the way back to the cabin.  I think a little piece of me might have died.  Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but I was seriously disappointed.  I spent the rest of the afternoon with a much happier, well-rested little girl, while the others enjoyed, much as they could, the tailgate and the game.

Look at this face…

You can’t stay mad for long when you look at that face. 

We’ll try again next year.  Maybe.