38 Years Ago

Thirty eight years ago, you were born. 

I have sat here for days now, really weeks, trying to think how to put into words how proud and grateful I am to be your wife, how wonderful I think you are, how much I love you.  All of my words fall short.  What do you say about a man who puts up with the likes of me?  You are generous, you are kind, you are loving.  You might be a glutton for punishment.  🙂 

You have given me the one thing that I have always wanted.  You have given me this family.  This home, which is filled with such happiness and such chaos. 

You have given me the sound of the children yelling “Daddy’s home!” while I’m cooking dinner.  

You have given me popsicle stains on t-shirts, and kool-aid smiles.

You have given me sprinklers, and bubbles and sidewalk chalk.

There are piggy back rides, and there is rooster-man, and there is the ol’ bamboo dance because of you.

And let’s not forget the margaritas.

Because of you, there are bedtime stories, snuggles and lullabyes.

And there are coos, and baby’s breath and tiny little yawns.

Little footsteps echo in this house, and fingerprints adorn the windows, because of you.

Without you, my darling husband, there would be no whiskers on the sink.  (I just needed to throw that in here somewhere.) 

Each year, there is a Christmas tree that you cut down, and that Christmas tree swells with presents on Christmas morning, because of you.

You have given us Thanksgiving dinner at our table, all of us together, enjoying the bounty of God’s blessings. 

Because of you, there is Kate

There is William

There is Henry

And there is Ella. 

Each night, these children slumber snuggly in their beds, safe and secure, with bellies filled, and happy hearts, knowing that their Daddy is just down the hall.  You guide them, you love them, you lead them by example. 

And each night, before I close my eyes, I can linger at these children’s beds, and kiss their heads, and thank God that I found you.  For without you, there would be none of this.  

And then I pray to God that I can be a better wife for you.  And one of these days, that prayer will be answered.  Hang in there…

You provide for us, you keep us safe, you fill the children’s days with laughter and happiness.  You make me laugh, and you calm me when I need to be calmed.  You are my best friend (except for last night when you drank the last glass of wine in the entire house before I got home from baseball practice).  This life, this home, would not work without you. 

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man I know.  We all love you so.

***This post is now updated to add that the man has been reinstated as my best friend because this afternoon I saw this:

I’m not sure how I missed it all morning, but there it was, plain as day.  The man knows me well.  That’s what 20 years together will do for you. 

Is it five o’clock yet?

38 Years Ago

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