Hearing Aids Do Have Some Advantages…

The children (one in particular, but I’ll not mention any names) have begun to plug their ears when they don’t want to hear something.  And we’ve been explaining that it is rude and unacceptable to do so when Mommy or Daddy (or another adult, or frankly anyone) is speaking. 

Henry is a visual learner.  I’m sure that is due, in part, to his hearing loss, but whatever the case, he is very observant.  Let’s just say that the little freckle-faced, redheaded, four 1/2 year old boy is clever, very clever.  He tried with the ear plugging, but the hearing aids still pipe in the sound to his ears.  So the other day, when he was being reprimanded, he smiled, turned off his hearing aids and said 

“Ha ha!  I can’t hear you!!!” 

So we then gave him the rude, unacceptable lecture, which seems to have taken care of the problem.  As frustrating as it was at the time, in hindsight it is a little bit funny.  I just hope he doesn’t say something like this to his teacher.  I don’t think she’ll get the whole “little-bit-funny” aspect of things. 

He gets that little-bit-funny part from me, you know.  And also the very clever part.  I can’t help but love him.

Hearing Aids Do Have Some Advantages…

7 thoughts on “Hearing Aids Do Have Some Advantages…

  1. joscasta says:

    Once, several years ago I got into a fight with a friend, and she started yelling at me.. I yelled at her back.. then took out my hearing aid, put it on a table near her and walked away. She was aghast, and realized there was no rebuttal to that. She recounted that story often later to other friends, since it was the first time she had ever lost an argument, and it became a huge joke.

    Growing up.. I have done worse.. than just taking out my hearing aids. When I was mad, and heard something I didn’t want to hear.. especially from my parents, I would take out the hearing aid and throw it against the wall. They got even madder in the end at me, but eh. Those hearing aids are tough, not once have they ever broken.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Ah – he’s finally figured it out 🙂 – now that I’m NOT his teacher I can find that funny! BUT – I can also say that I’m sure his current teacher would find it funny too…especially since she’s been know to do just the same thing!

    It can be a benefit to be able to turn off those aids: I had a classmate in grad school and we were trying to take a test when the lawn crew decided to mow the lawn just outside our open class window. As those of us ‘hearing’ classmates, rolled our eyes, shifted in our seats and tried to drown out the horrible sound, our hard of hearing classmate smiled, reached up, turned off the aids and then proceeded to earn the highest grade in the class on that test – how JEALOUS we all were of those aids! We all wished we could turn our ears off.

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