Waiting for More

There is a spring in my step this morning because in my family room, there is this:

And there is this:


That, my friends, is my brand new microfibre sectional.  And my beautiful new occasional chair.  They were delivered Friday morning, and I am still surprised when I am greeted by them each morning.  Now, I can tell you that the man and I have waited a long time for these new pieces, and we expect them to last a while.  And we dropped a pretty penny on them.  But, as I look at these pictures, I see just how expensive decorating is, because I see that there are not enough toss pillows on the couch.  And I would like a new lamp.  Look at my sad lamp:

Isn’t it just screaming to be put out of it’s misery? 

Look at that coffee table…doesn’t it appear too small?!  I’ll wait…go back and look at that first picture…


See?  Isn’t it dwarfed by the massive (and might I add super-d-dooper comfy) couch? 

–As a side note, I’ve already left an impression of where my butt sat for 2 hours Friday.  Hey, I was sick, and I was tired, and it was Friday.–

And go back (just once more, I promise) and look at the windows.  We don’t have a need for privacy, but wouldn’t they look just so much more dramatic with some silk curtains?  Maybe a nice plaid.

Doesn’t it just seem like the more you have, the more you want?

I’m going to take a deep breath, and forget about finishing off this room for now.  When the man and I moved into this home, we knew it was our forever home.  And we knew that we would take years, and years (and possibly years) to complete it. 

And we enjoy the memories of the two of us eating on tv trays while seated on the floor, with a small tv 5 feet away, also on the floor, because we had no furniture.  And we laugh about how we used to sit on the floor, and work together for hours on our budget, with an ancient PC, which sported an enormous on/off button right on it’s front side.  That on/off button was so enormous in fact, that every time our chocolate lab, Coco, came in the room to join us, he would flop down with a grunt, right next to that PC on the floor, and turn the flippin’ computer off.  Without our work saved.  Hours of work, unsaved, and down the drain.  Good times.  We can laugh now. 

–As a second side note, I heard on the radio today that those who are able to delay gratification are more intelligent.  So now you see how smart I am.– 

Those are fun things to look back on.  And building our home together is a fun thing to do.  I don’t think I would want to just do it all, all at once, and have it done with.  Wouldn’t that take some of the fun out of it?  Out of wanting, and planning, and saving, and then finally getting what you’ve worked for?  I sure think so.  Heck, if we’d gotten this sectional back when we first wanted it, we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the fun way the dark moss green velvet faded in the sun to a rusty brownish green.  We wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the way the babies all spit up all over it.  Or how that old sofa skirt came unstapled after 11 years (you’ll notice I learned from that and our new sectional is skirtless.  Oh, I am very smart, indeed).  Yes, it has been fun.  So I can wait for my curtains, and my lamp, and my new coffee table. 

I might get the pillows, though.  Hey, you gotta live a little.

Waiting for More

8 thoughts on “Waiting for More

  1. Looking good! Can’t wait to try it out 😉

    I hear you about wanting to do it all at once. While it would be nice kind of takes the fun of the ‘window shopping’ and besides tastes & needs may change. Yeah – that’s what I tell myself all the time.

  2. gorgeous! well deserved … enjoy it! that poor lamp – it looks like it’s being bullied by all the new kids on the block who just ran off with his milk money. 😦

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