I must preface this short story with the following:  Ella says ONE word, and that one word is “mama.”  Of course there is no better one-and-only word to have in your repertoire, so I am content to hear her say mama and nothing else.  However, she does call her father Mama, which is annoying, too.  We have tried to get her to say dada, with no luck.  Now on to the story…

After the kids went to school today, Ella and I had a couple hours to burn here at the house, so we got out the potato head and put together the crazy fellow you see here.  In the past, Ella has not taken notice of the fact that there is an actual face on the potato.  But that all changed this morning.  When I was done creating my masterpiece potato face for her, I showed it to her.  It was like a lightbulb went off in her precious little noggin, and she smiled and said “Daddy.”  No, I’m not kidding.  

Of course I laughed and told her how smart she is (is that so wrong?) and pinched her little cheeks.  And I couldn’t wait to get this posted so that Daddy could read it.  Is that so wrong?  


Smile Daddy!  I love you!


6 thoughts on “Spud

  1. Oh my goodness! That’s hilarious! And I haven’t seen anything all day that could be cuter than that red-headed baby girl! My oldest had red hair as a little boy, but now it’s a reddish brown. I miss it!!

  2. Awesome! Is there anything particularly potato-ish about your husband that made Ella think of him? I guess it was just finally his time for some recognition. At my house it’s the other way around! Maybe we’ll make a Miss Potato head and Claire will recognize it as me!

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