Tidbits from ‘Round Here

Nothing very exciting or interesting going on ’round here, but I do have a few little odds and ends from Kristen-town.

1.  I found Barbie’s torso and arms.  Still no ant heads, though.

2.  It was my brilliant (did I ever mention that I’m brilliant?) idea to buy 200 daffodil bulbs for autumn planting.  I was so excited to get started.  So excited.  I got started.  Um…it’s going to take a LONG time to plant 200 daffodil bulbs.  I started out measuring the depth of each hole, making sure I was at the perfect depth, pulling out all kinds of rocks and such from the soil.  By the time I had gotten about 50 done, “good enough” was my motto.  I had broken my spade in half, the gardening claw I was using was bent, and I resigned myself to the fact that some of the bulbs just might not be planted to the suggested depth.  And we’ll just see if they come up in the spring.  And hey, I’ll just throw a couple inches of mulch on top and there you go, they’ll be deep enough.  I’ve only got another 135 bulbs to go…

3.  Pretty darling first-day-of-school pictures from last week…


4.  Saw a couple of turtles in the back yard, ahem, ‘wrestling,’ ahem, this weekend.  It’s a slow process folks.  There wasn’t a whole lotta movement.  In fact, the female was completely inside her shell, and the male kept trying to bite her.  Now that I think about it, it was kind of disturbing.  Yep, there’s nothing like a little turtle sex to liven things up. 

5.  Let the sickness begin.  We were in school for THREE DAYS before the first sick day in our house.  The virus is just picking us off, one by one.  The only one left untouched by this one is the man, as usual.

6.  The Hokies pulled off a victory this weekend.  The game wasn’t being televised, so we paid $5 to be able to view the game online.  We watched the game on a teeny tiny screen, all of us but the baby, huddled around the coffee table.  Now this is dedication, people.

7.  I bought an athletic supporter and cup for baseball for my 6 year old this weekend.  That was a little wierd.  Anyhoo, when he got home from school, he really wanted to put it on.  He came struttin’ out of his room with nothing but an undershirt and his cup + supporter on.  He wanted to make sure he had it on correctly.  When he turned around to go back in his room, I couldn’t help but smile.   

8.  Kate started jazz this weekend.  There isn’t a whole lot that is cuter than watching a bunch of 7 year old girls shakin’ it to the music.     

9.  I was doing laundry today, moving clothes from the dryer to the “laundry chair” as I like to call it, and when I came back to the laundry room, found Ella here:

 Now that is pretty cute, too, eh?

And that’s the scoop around here.  Have a warm, fuzzy, lint-free day!

Tidbits from ‘Round Here

12 thoughts on “Tidbits from ‘Round Here

  1. We watched giant tortoise sex at the national zoo last year. Now that was interesting… explaining to the kids what they were doing, and why their shells were clunking together so loudly! We called it wrestling also 🙂

    And Tim asked me if Ryan needed a cup for Tball. I thought he probably didn’t (since it’s pretty obvious that a ball will never fly hard enough or fast enough to hit him) but I’m sure when he does need one it will be pretty hysterical to watch him put it on.

    And congrats on finally putting Barbie back together 🙂

  2. Oh, I laughed at how you said nothing interesting was going on, yet you managed to make it all so interesting. The day in the life of a mom is always interesting if you ask me. Thanks for brightening my day with your stories. (And my Dukes won on Saturday, too!) 😉

  3. That Ella is just too precious. What a great little helper you have there! Good luck with those daffodils … come Spring, you will again realize what a brilliant decision you made.

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