Yesterday was a good day.  Not because the children didn’t fight (they did) or because the entire house got cleaned (it didn’t) or because I took a long, relaxing bubble bath with a glass of wine (nope).  It was a good day because I did something I don’t normally do with my boys…I played hoops with them.  It started out as a nice, slow game of Around the World, but I could see that wasn’t going to work after I made three shots in a row, standing on one foot, left-handed.  William wasn’t too thrilled, to say the least.  When I started shooting with my eyes closed and giving him two shots to make it, that’s when things started looking up for William. 

Anyhoo, after about 10 minutes of not-a-whole-lotta-action, it was clear that the game needed a little livening up if I was going to retain William’s focus.  So we played a little one-on-one, William and I.  I told talked a lot of trash, telling him I would school him, though I fully intended to let him win.  However, William was a little more skillful in the basketball department than I was aware. 

So I totally cheated. 

I ran without dribbling, and I tickled William, and I picked him up and moved him outta my way to get at the ball, and WE LAUGHED.  We laughed HARD!  Kate was cheering on the sideline for us, and Henry was giving me pointers (he is 4 1/2 remember) because I clearly didn’t know what I was doing. 

When Henry could no longer stand idly by witnessing my ineptitude, he joined in, and it was doubly fun.  I don’t think I’ve heard them squeal with laughter like they did today in a long time.   They were proud of each other, and they played as a team.  And they thought I was ridiculously funny (which of course I am). 

And I think more than anything, they were glad that I played with them.  I mean played something other than 20 questions or tickle fights.  I played their game.  And to be honest, I’m not sure who had more fun…them, or me.  I get so much enjoyment out of watching them play, that I miss out on the playing with them part.  Yesterday, lesson learned. 

Yes, it was a good day.


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