The Fish

On Saturday, the man took the kids on a walk to the river, where they collected some oysters (one of whom William affectionately named Pearl) and snails and such in their little pails.  They brought them home and watched them and made little habitats for them and in a moment of brilliance, I said something like “we should set the fish tank up for them so you can keep them.”  It was one of those moments where you can hear the words as they are coming out of your mouth, but, like a freight train, they are moving too fast to stop them.  I was sitting in the sunshine drinking lemonade, and I think I was on a sugar high or something when I said it.

So in my neverending quest to make life more difficult for myself my children happy,  I set up their tank.  Then I figured the kids are probably desperate for a pet, considering the fact that they’re bringing oysters and snails home and naming them, so I bit the bullet and got the kids a real pet.  No, it’s not a dog.  I’m not that dumb.  (The first time I typed that last sentence I typed ‘dum’.  So maybe I am that dum.  Anyway…)  I figured I would get some fish for the kids.  They could each have their own, they could name them, and they’ll each get to take turns feeding them, and who knows, maybe they’ll learn something. 

So we went to the fish store, and we decided on guppies.  They were pretty, and it said they were hardy, and they were not expensive, either.  We got four of them, one for each of the kids, and brought them home.  The fish were named Feather, Lep, AAAAAh (read that as a yell, because that is all Ella says, other than Mama, and no one thought Mama was a nice name for a fish except for me), and Fish (Henry said he didn’t want to name his, he was just going to call it Fish).  Alrighty then.  

So we brought them home, acclimated them and did all that stuff, and watched them swim around in their new residence. 

And here we are, 48 hours later…

1.  Guppies, despite what they tell you at the fish shop, are not hardy.  Fish is dead.  AAAAAh ain’t lookin’ so hot, either.  Feather and Lep continue to hover around the rim of the tank, not sure of their physical or emotional state at the moment.

2.  I have hidden the fish food.  The children have asked me about 15 times within the last 18 hours if it is time to feed them.  We chose a random method of who was going to feed them.  Henry threw a mini tantrum over the fact that his turn is Wednesday, and not Tuesday. 

3.  I’m pretty sure Pearl is dead, too.

4.  Ella no longer has a fish.  I guess that’s just how it is when you’re the littlest one and can’t defend your rights.  Henry has pirated her fish, and he renamed it ‘Fish.’  He’s very clever in the naming department, no?

Stay tuned, because there will be more to follow, I’m sure.

The Fish

5 thoughts on “The Fish

  1. Poor Fish & AAAAAh (Fish 2). I recommend Beta fish for the next round. They are really hardy and might last longer than the guppies. But what do I know, Fin and Nemo are “back in the ocean.”

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