Add ’em to the List

Yep, so we took another little fun family trip.  It was a beautiful scenic drive, through historic places and into a town nestled in the mountains.   I again have the occasion to jot down a few items to add to the “Things I’ve Learned” list for the next go ’round.  And here they are:

-Kristen doesn’t like caverns.  Kristen doesn’t like enclosed spaces.  It took a good 35 years to figure this out, unfortunately the moment of enlightenment came in a cavern.

-You know how you take a tour, a tour of anything, and there is always that one guy that asks all the questions?  Today I learned that my husband is question man.

-Do not mention the words ‘ice’ and ‘cream’ in the same sentence around William unless you darn well plan on buying some. 

-Ella doesn’t like car rides over 20 minutes long.  ‘Nuf said.

-When you visit the souvenir shop, don’t let the kids get anything breakable.  It may or may not break 15 minutes into the 2 hour car ride home.  Which could result in a heartbroken little boy.

-Stop for coffee before the baby falls asleep. 

-Coffee from 7-eleven?  Not so good.

-Have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff…you’ll be so glad you did.  Your children will remember this day forever, just as you still remember the day your parents took you.

Add ’em to the List

3 thoughts on “Add ’em to the List

  1. So true…I think sometimes when doing things like this with the kids the actual minute to minute stuff is not so good, but when you remember the day as a whole, it ends up being a happy memory!

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