When Barbie Lives with Boys

I searched in vain for her other parts, but there was nary a part to be found. 

When Barbie Lives with Boys

12 thoughts on “When Barbie Lives with Boys

  1. Marcy says:

    Geez kristen…I just about spit my coffee across the kitchen.

    That picture is a perfect way to start my week….snort.

    I guess your boys are going to be leg men……

  2. 4erika says:

    Kristen…that is awesome! Reminds me of the time I decided to pull my old Barbies out for Hayden to try out. I walked out of his room for like 30 seconds and when I came back, there was Ken all smug and wearing a velour pantsuit, sitting on the pink Barbie couch surrounded by three naked ladies! I never would have imagined a 4 year old boy could so perfectly set up every mans dream! In his defense, he said the girl clothes were too hard to put on! That that torso-less Barbie reminds me of one of Syds toys from Toy Story!

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