I am SO Fashion-Forward

The boys were both at their friends’ houses today, so Kate and I had a little while to do something fun together, just us, while Ella slept.  Know what we did?  We made paper doll outfits.  Well, she made a backpack, I made an outfit, complete with boots and a handbag.  I swear it took me as long to decide on the outfit and the materials as it did to actually create it. 


How cute is that?!  I had –I mean we had — SO much fun putting this together.  I could have seriously done this for HOURS, if there hadn’t been a sweet little redhead beckoning from her crib.  Do you remember paper dolls?  I remember awkward outfits that never really stayed on the dolls that they were made for.  I guess these don’t either, really, but who cares–these have beads and embellishments!  And they have itty-bitty hangers! 

If only I could put my own outfits together this quickly, and get as much enjoyment out of it!

I am SO Fashion-Forward

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